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Is Mexico and President Felipe Calderon Obama’s New Ventriloquist Dummy Package

So… Obama can’t get the American Citizens and Congress on board with his horrific scams and shams on immigration, oil, spending, war, health care, employment and more;  he begins using the tools directly under him in the White House and the Mexican government to distract and wreak havoc upon America instead of protecting her…

Is this not breaking Obama’s Oath of Office? Oh, that’s right, Usurpers have no scruples! Hello Military… General McChrystal – your aides and you know….as validated in the Rolling Stone article ~ The Runaway General the runaway government that is destroying this country. What is the Military waiting for…. instead we now have another country encouraged by our Bogus President and mostly puppet Congress to distract and attack an individual state (Arizona) with a bogus law brief ?

Congressman Steve King responds to Mexican President Calderon’s remarks to Congress

RepSteveKing — May 20, 2010 —

Mexico’s President Addresses US Congress

VOAvideo — May 21, 2010 — Mexican President Felipe Calderon is appealing directly to the American people, and their elected leaders, to reform immigration laws and strengthen gun control along the U.S.-Mexican border. Mr. Calderon made his case Thursday in a speech to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress. VOA’s Paula Wolfson reports.

Glenn Beck on Felipe Calderon and Illegal Immigration

MRCHOPPS — March 18, 2009 — On 9/2/07 Mexican President Felipe Calderon made some crazy statements, saying that the U.S.’s unilateral decision to crack down on illegal immigrants and is wrongfully treating undocumented workers (illegal immigrants.)

A few days later Felupe also said ” Mexico does not stop at the border. Where ever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico!”

Calderon wants US to grant legal status to 12 million mexicans here illegally

Beck discusses all this with Congressman Ted Poe.

The Obama Piñata! Open Season

Barack  Obama Pinata

How many whacks does it take to get to the center of the Obama Piñata?
Well we know that you won’t find the U.S. Constitution inside unless it’s shredded for filling!


Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Growing Strong!

Let Those Patriotic Ideas Flow May 20th

Andrew Breibart Presents Big Government has really captured the spirit of uniting Patriotic Americans with this latest article via Andrew MellonEverybody Draw Mohammed Day” as declared by Seattle Cartoonist Molly Norris.

I call on every blogger, artist, videographer, you-tuber, cartoonist, to go all out and show that the United States of America will not kowtow and bow to foreign threats of suppression, intimidation, and censorship… like the Bogus POTUS!

The enabler to disabler in relief!

All Day, In Every Way, the 20th of May! Or in the now famous words of Glenn Beck:

“We’re not Racists, We’re not Violent, We will just no longer be Silent”

Did You Hear Glenn Beck’s Call to Action “We’re not Racists, We’re not Violent, We will just no longer be Silent”

Glenn Beck-04-22-10-C

Catch up at the 5:30 minute mark:

Courtesy of Big Government the haughty Bertha Lewis: A Socialist Rallying Cry for Immigration Reform

Whoa, just throw your Patriotism on the proverbial U.S. flag fire Bertha~

Haughtily displayed at Brandeis University Website:

Interdisciplinary Conference

New Right-Wing Radicalism.
A Transatlantic Perspective.

So Last Century and Total Fiction!

Haughtily displayed at Social Democrats USA Socialist Party
Attention all Democrats, did you know that you have a Party Within A Party? Well it sure isn’t the Republicans, Independents, Tea Party, Libertarians, or any other party affiliation. The Fist Bump in the Upper Right Hand Corner is the Key!

Hmm? Now where have we seen that before?

Oh and if this isn’t a real hoot…. they have their very own Statement of Principles and Constitution.

Glenn at the 6:30 mark: “…I am sorry America, to ask you to do another job, again. But the media’s not doing their (job), and they’re not coming. You have to spread the word. You just tweet, you facebook it, and then I want you to tweet this: We’re not Racists, We’re not Violent, We will just no longer be Silent…”

Going off now to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and more. Patriots, time to unite, there’s a call to action, spread the word that Socialism is on the Move.

Congratulations to Capitalist Extraordinaire – Glenn Beck

Good for Glenn

Well good for Glenn Beck and a super acknowledgement from Forbes with a cover edition!

It’s not like Forbes picked Glenn Beck on a whim, with these accomplishments:
Latest Available “Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, April 6, 2010” via TV By The Numbers

5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 2,336,000 viewers (610,000) (1,092,000)
Situation Room—580,000 viewers (100,000) (191,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 514,000 viewers (88,000) (225,000)
Fast Money – 269,000 viewers (64,000) (138,000)
Showbiz Tonight —159,000 viewers (a scratch w/37,000) (64,000)

Glenn Beck Makes Bestseller History with New Book

#81 Glenn Beck – The 2009 Celebrity 100

1st Anniversary of the 912 Project Brought About by Mr. Glenn Beck

A Biography of Glenn Beck and he hasn’t always had it easy. He stumbled, he picked himself up, and persevered. What’s not to learn from the “Capitalist Extraordinaire”?

Ohio Rocking for Liberty – OSU Young Americans For Liberty Host “Freedom Watch With Judge Napolitano” and Panel of Distinguished Speakers


Ohio Liberty Council Contact

Joe Bozzi

Direct: (617) 388-5805


OSU Young Americans For Liberty Host “Freedom Watch With Judge Napolitano” and Panel of Distinguished Speakers
COLUMBUS, OH, March 12, 2010.  A near-capacity crowd gathered in historic Newport Music Hall to view a live taping of “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano” on Monday night. Congressman Ron Paul headlined a slate of panelists on the popular Fox News program, along with Ohio Liberty Council Leaders Chris Littleton, Maurice Thompson, and Jason Rink. The panel, which also featured Ohio State Senator Tim Grendell and Sheriff Richard Mack, covered America’s incremental loss of liberty and state sovereignty. The Ohio State University Young Americans for Liberty hosted the appearance by Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) and Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

At the conclusion of “Freedom Watch,” Congressman Paul spoke for 45 minutes about his plan for restoring a tradition of liberty to both government and individuals. He also urged the young people in the hall to effect change within the political system. Congressman Ron Paul, who received significant support on the Ohio State campus in the 2008 Presidential primary, was asked what advice he could give to the young people in attendance. Encouraging the audience he said, “The responsibility falls on each and every one of us to be self-educated. If you can find a job, find a job to take care of yourself and your family, but you also have to have a job in this defense of our country and in defense of liberty.”

Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has served in Congress in the 1970s, then again in the 1980s. His most recent tenure began in 1996. He has enjoyed greater media exposure over the last year and is in demand as a featured speaker around the country. Dr. Paul’s timely message resonates with young Americans, as well as many conservative Republicans.

Judge Andrew Napolitano served on the New Jersey Bench and taught at the Seton Hall School of Law before retiring to pursue his television career, joining Fox News in 1998.  Napolitano addressed a crowd of over 10,000 Ohioans in Columbus on August 1, 2009.  He now hosts “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano” on FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room and often substitutes for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck Show.

About the Ohio Liberty Council

The Ohio Liberty Council is a coalition of several non-partisan groups in Ohio including Buckeye Firearms Association, Central Ohio 9/12 Project, Cincinnati 9/12 Project, Cincinnati Tea Party, Young Americans for Liberty-OSU, Dayton Tea Party, and the Ohio Freedom Alliance. The council began in June 2009, and was conceived as a way to connect liberty-minded Ohioans. The group communicates on issues, but more importantly seeks to create concerted action among the groups. By working together, the council intends to achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.

About the Young Americans for Liberty
The Young Americans for Liberty is a nonpartisan, issue advocacy group dedicated to training, educating, and mobilizing youth activists on the principal of limited, constitutional government organized on over 150 universities and high schools across the country. More information is available at

Additional Information

The Ohio Liberty Council               http://www.ohiolibertycouncil.org

Young Americans for Liberty        http://www.yaliberty.org

1st Anniversary of the 912 Project Brought About by Mr. Glenn Beck

One year ago…

This clip is from the first 6 minutes of the live TV broadcast of “We Surround Them – The Unveiling” on March 13, 2009. You can see the complete broadcast, in 5 parts, on Peacpac’s YouTube channel…


The 912 Project By Glenn Beck A Must See Video- Spread The Word

http://www.residualcashnetwork.com Glenn Beck the 912 project and the912project.com ignite Citizens Accross The US with the introduction of 9 Principles and 12 values that will save the U.S from it’s current potential economic collapse. A must see video!

The 912 Project – Glenn Beck

The 912 Project – Glenn Beck announced on his live Fox News TV broadcast, March 13, 2009, the next step of the “We Surround Them” grass roots effort, to wake up our Nation’s leaders to some of what “We The People” of the U.S. are feeling and expect from our elected representatives in government.

On 9/12/2009

912 Tea Party March on Washington DC, on 9/12 2009

Tea Party March on Washington DC, 912, 9/12 none of the media is able to ignore this tea party, CNN, Msnbc, Abc, Fox News, CBS, Nbc, all media is reporting record turnout, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Huckabee

Today Google Search reveals Results 110 of about 8,970,000 for 912 project. (0.16 seconds) now this is an achievement:

  1. Glenn Beck – The 912 Project

    Colorado’s Loveland 912 Project is hosting a Candidate Forum for the office of Larimer County Sheriff: The Loveland 912 Project is hosting a Candidate.
    http://www.the912project.com/ – CachedSimilar

    More results from the912project.com »

  2. 9 Principles, 12 Values : Glenn Beck – The 912 Project

    Copyright © 2009 Mercury Radio Arts, Inc. · Log in · Subscribe to Glenn Beck – The 912 Project Subscribe to News · Subscribe to Glenn Beck – The 912 Project
    http://www.the912project.com/the-912-2/ – 3 hours ago – CachedSimilar

  3. The 912 Project Fan Site

    The 912 Project is providing Americans with 9 Principles and 12 Values that were brought forth to you by the Glenn Beck program on Fox News network.
    http://www.the-912-project.com/ – 5 hours ago – CachedSimilar

  4. The 9.12 Project Network – The 9.12 Project Network: We Surround Them!

    This Network of Principled Patriots is dedicated to 9 Principles, 12 Values (see below), & the Constitution of the United States of America!
    http://www.the912project.us/ – CachedSimilar

  5. The 912 Project Forum

    The 912 Project Forum. Come join the discussion about The 912 Project and 9 Principles/12 Values. Together we can make a difference.
    912forum.com/ – CachedSimilar

  6. Welcome to the National 912 Project

    The National 912 Project was formed shortly after the March 13 broadcast of Glenn Becks “the 9 12 project“. Inspired by Glenns call to action Patrick
    http://www.thenational912project.org/ – CachedSimilar

  7. 912 Project Fort Worth – Protecting the Constitution

    912 Project Fort Worth is a grassroots effort based on Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project. By uniting with others who believe in the 9 principles and 12 values,
    www.912ftw.org/ – CachedSimilar

  8. The 912 Project: Glenn Beck Preaches 9 Principles and 12 Values

    A new movement is swelling in the United States as a reaction to the economic crisis and it is headed by Glenn Beck. Called the 912 Project, Glenn Beck’s
    http://www.nowpublic.com/…/912-project-glenn-beck-preaches-9-principles-and-12-values – CachedSimilar

  9. The 912 Project The912project.com Glenn Beck!

    Mar 13, 2009 Glenn Beck has a new website called The 912 Project (The912Project.com). Fans reaction to the The912Project.com has been so good that the
    news.lalate.com/…/the-912-project-the912projectcom-glenn-beck/ – CachedSimilar

  10. The 912 Project-Nebraska (Omaha, NE) – Meetup.com

    The912Project-Nebraska is a non-partisan, non-violent, and all volunteer organization. We believe in principles and values; not political parties.
    http://www.meetup.com/the912project/ – CachedSimilar

A Great Article on the Anniversary can be found here:

Happy First Birthday to The 912 Project”

Glenn Beck Works on His Speech and Delivers at CPAC Yet…

Preparation for CPAC:

At CPAC, the video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4881432

I really want to put this right. I know Glenn Beck has not truly embraced the entire U.S. Constitution for the viewing public. For if he had, he would be the first one to go over the Natural Born Citizen clause. It seems to me, that if this revelation was ever put out by Glenn Beck or any of the other prominent FOX hosts, we (Conservatives) would be without a huge source of information i.e. all of the other burrs in the Obama saddle. Remember what happened to that voluntary departure of and questioner Lou Dobbs on CNN for just raising the issue of viewing the birth certificate?

It seems more plausible that many in the Lame Stream Media and the Main Stream Media (FOX, Rush) do know that there is no winning argument for the Natural Born Citizen clause. Courts, Law Enforcement or the Military are the only choices. It’s over, it’s treasonous, there’s an Usurper in DC.  Whatever his genuine name, with the parentage and birthright conferred, the POTUS is Bogus. There is no twisting it, this is a fact! The LSM tries to defy every attempt to bring spotlight to the fact by skewering details or name calling. The MSM remains on lock down.

Allowing the legal processes to continually occur from every direction has never been denigrated by the Conservatives, only by the Liberals. This speaks volumes! It also reaffirms Patriots are still working strongly and that for every venture, another batch of Americans awaken. Everyone needs to believe that the nightmare in government will soon voluntarily vacate. That would be the humanitarian way, that would be repentant, that would be what’s best for this country but alas greed seems to be the glue that binds the Liberals and their tactics together. They are as thick as thieves!

Glenn Beck – Network Consultant Extraordinaire

Glenn Beck – Network Consultant Extraordinaire
While enjoying my copy of “Arguing With Idiots” this morning, I noticed on page 98 this nifty piece of advice, in jest, provided by Glenn Beck to NBC and MSNBC.
Glenn Book

Who knew that the Liberal Main Stream Media would go there?
NBC Green
Glenn, your audience growth is phenomenal and now includes other networks. All this and a historic mark on the New York Times Best Seller list. Awesome!

Unfortunately NBC didn’t get the whole message: “…Pro-Ethanol Segments…” However it’s a sign that while POTUS is away the MSM might really try moving into the Main Stream by learning with patriotic cliff notes aka Glenn Beck’s “Arguing With Idiots”.

***Also forwarded to The 912 Project Fan Site for use.

Glenn Beck’s Return To Work This Week

Glenn returned to work this week without celebrity fanfare and has continued to dig and delve into the continual confusions of the current administration and its missteps to mistakes. Glenn
For the first time ever, I wrote three separate articles within one week dedicated to one person, and that was Glenn Beck:

Glen on the Mend

Glenn Beck’s History Making Debuts on the NY Times Best Seller Lists

Glenn Beck Makes a Big Splash with Video Contest and Best Sellers

For a Non-Journalist, Glenn Beck is doing everything right and does so with integrity. The Liberal MSM could learn volumes from this man. I have a thought for the MSM, read just one of his Best Seller books. They are primers full of real, cold, hard, truthful facts.