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Even if it is only one, they are crazy enough to be dangerous!

UPDATE @ 4:30 PST the page is gone!

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UPDATE @ 4:30 PST the page is gone!

The Libs are spazzing out with this FACEBOOK page

It’s been up since August 10th!

Where is the FBI on this?

Must have been started by someone with ‘Audacity’? hmm? The Usurper’s fingerprints are all over this!

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Chairman Paul Ryan to Deliver Republican Address to the Nation on January 25

112th Congress

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Kevin Smith (Boehner), 202-225-0600
January 21, 2011 Don Stewart (McConnell), 202-224-2979
Conor Sweeney (Ryan), 202-226-7270
Chairman Paul Ryan to Deliver Republican Address to the Nation on January 25
-Speech to immediately follow President Obama’s State of the Union-

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced today that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will deliver the Republican address following the President’s State of the Union address to Congress on January 25, 2011.  Last year – in an unprecedented failure – Congressional Democrats chose not to pass, or even propose a budget, punting on a duty that represents the most basic responsibility of governing.  Chairman Ryan will deliver the Republican address Tuesday night from the House Budget Committee hearing room, where the Democrats’ spending spree will end and the Republicans’ push for a fiscally responsible budget that cuts spending will begin.

In making the announcement, the GOP leaders noted that Chairman Ryan is a leading voice for fiscal discipline and common-sense solutions to cut spending and create jobs.  Known for his thoughtful and detailed critiques of big-government policies, Ryan has helped put to rest the Democrats’ argument that more government spending and higher taxes is the answer to most of our nation’s ills.  His commitment to free enterprise and limited government make him the right choice to outline a vision for how a smaller, less costly government will help create the right conditions for the creation of good, private sector jobs.

“Paul Ryan is uniquely qualified to address the state of our economy and the fiscal challenges that face our country,” said Speaker Boehner. “We’re broke, and decisive action is needed to help our economy get back to creating jobs and end the spending binge in Washington that threatens our children’s future.  I’m pleased that Paul will be outlining a common-sense vision for moving our country forward.”

Leader McConnell said, “Paul Ryan has spent the better part of the last two years explaining exactly why the Democrat agenda has been so bad for jobs and the economy, and why we need to ditch the government-driven approach in favor of creative, common-sense solutions that put the American people back in charge.  Chairman Ryan’s unique understanding of the fiscal problems we face, his command of policy, and his adherence to the principles of our nation’s founding make him an excellent spokesman for the path that Americans want Washington to take.”

Chairman Ryan said, “Delivering an address to the nation is a unique opportunity, and I am grateful to my party’s leaders for entrusting me with this responsibility. I am hopeful that the President will work with the new House Majority to cut spending, reform government, and restore the foundations for growth and job creation.  More than rhetoric, we need results.  I look forward to outlining a vision for a future that fulfills the uniquely American legacy of leaving the next generation with a stronger, more prosperous nation.”

NOTE: Born and raised in the community of Janesville, Paul Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin native.  Currently serving his seventh term as a Member of Congress, Paul works to address the many important issues affecting Wisconsin residents and serve as an effective advocate for the 1st Congressional District.  He is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he works to bring fiscal discipline and accountability to the federal government.  He is a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax policy, Social Security, health care and trade laws.  Paul is a graduate of Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville and earned a degree in economics and political science from Miami University (OH).  Paul and his wife Janna live in Janesville with their children, daughter Liza and sons Charlie and Sam.

Crow Wing County Voter Fraud Allegations Involving Functionally Disabled Adults

KTLK.FM today with Host Chris Baker uncovers by witness Monty Jensen that Crow Wing County in Minnesota may be experiencing voter fraud. How low will Democrats go? Can this be an exclusive event? Doubtful! Listen to the podcast, omg!

Chris Baker 11-1-10 7am

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 08:18:58 -0400
Monty Jensen from Crow Wing County claims to have viewed voter fraud recently. More talk of voter fraud. Paul Allen, voice of the Vikings came on to break down the lose. Tom Emmer checked in as well
To download the podcast, right-click “Download” and select “Save Target As” from the menu.
iPhone users: Press and hold the Download link until the iPhone asks if you want to open, open in a new page, or copy. Choose “Open in New Page” to listen.

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud investigation Pt1

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Montgomery Jensen talks about possible Absentee Voter fraud committed by Afscme union workers; Department of Human Services – Minnesota State employees – working with mental handicapped (vulnerable adults) possible involvement in voter fraud! Happening NOW. Saturday 1:30 pm …. more to come

Crow Wing Absentee Fraud? Part 2

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with Montgomery Jensen and Deb Erickson about incident and the Crow Wing County Minnesota Courthouse… down stairs… Sorry I didn’t know I couldn’t film there! Now I do.

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation pt3

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

More on the technical details from Deb Erickson

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation Pt4

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with “Kathy” long time employee with the Department of Human Services in Minnesota, also an Afscme union member. Her reaction on this events. She also was able to give us great leads in pursuing this case.

A quick call this morning to the Crow County Auditor – Deborah A. Erickson revealed, via the gal who answered the phone at (218) 824-1045, volumes. I was told “…she’s at the counter…” and that she would put me “…through to her voice mail…” whereas I said I would hold, she then stated “…she’s unavailable…” but she would again put me “…through to her voice mail…” aka no comment. I asked the gal who answered the phone, what her name was, she would not reveal her name and rudely hung up on me, hmm?

Then not 15 minutes later, Miss Erickson herself, returned a call to me, bless that Caller ID program. She was nothing, if not precise, on detailing events of the previous Friday, to the best of her knowledge…. “...8 to 12 voters…” with “…4 to 5 assistants…” from a “…local residential facility…” and how the registration/voting process works. She could not validate if the “assistants” were U.S. Citizens or not! hmm?

Per Miss Erickson County Attorney Don F. Ryan will be investigating.

***Hat Tip to The 912 Project Fan Site and fellow Patriot Proud American*** and Alerted by Minnesotan Andrea.

The Community of the White House Administration and Organization

The White House Administration continually bashes anyone who questions, with real questions, even during a scheduled Daily Press Briefing with guess what? The PRESS! Sorry, April Ryan of American Urban Radio, you have been reprimanded for that inquisitive nature you possess. Community organizers don’t engage, they only enrage with disparaging remarks. April you needed to find information, how dare you! The community of the White House Administration and organization shows respect to no one, to nothing, to no place.

Let me put this into terms that “Gift of Gab Gibbs” can comprehend. Let’s use his own “child analogy”, but I will use my own example over the years. Let’s delve into my late 40s. Wife & Mother 30+ years of “Real World” experience married to Husband & Father with 30+ years of “Real World” experience. Child with 13 years of “Life” experience attempts to convert a view for own advantage or to engage in unwise opportunities. 70 years of experience in Life & Real World deflects the potential of problems with clearing the air of the whys, wherefores, and never wills. Disasters averted.

Now let’s go further into this analogy. The White Press Room is filled with members of the Press with an enormous amount of journalistic talent and real world experience. They also have a huge amount of time invested in Daily Press Briefings over many administrations. The Press Pool has been tooled for a bit recently, but separately and collectively, they are nobody’s fools. Gibbs, you have been at this 11 sadistic months and your force field is falling down. Your lack of real world experience and life is on display. Dignity is not your strong suit either. ** Just a tip, a casual observer like myself can see the “progression” and “recession”.

Finally, let’s look at the Usurper and the populace of the United States and beyond. The collective lives on the planet can see the gross dereliction and bombardment of hate and distaste that this “Progressive Organizer of World Order” attempts to thwart upon the backs of those outside the loop of the Washington Beltway. Gibbs you can block the way for only so long, because the dirty laundry is all out there. Millions are now progressing forward for answers to real questions expecting real answers. The  “honeymoon” is long over and the in-laws are knocking at the door. There is a collective long term memory with a critical mass of individuals on the planet. **Just another tip, the army of labor unions is lazy, the Chinese are getting nervous, Climategate is a bust and a boil, the Health Scare Bill is ridiculous, the Stimulus Bill has had the chicken guarding the hen house,  our military has been abused, and your supporters are jumping ship, and your progressive leadership skips out. Impressive.