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Religious Disorder in the United States – One Stands Very Alone

Over 200 years ago the United States of America was fought for and founded by bold leadership. It was formed as a republic. It was not founded upon religious principles but with religious freedom. It’s not going to change. In the United State we separate Church and State so that one does not interfere with the other.

The Native Americans, immigrants, descendants of the earliest arrivals to this country over 200 years ago, took a roaming, untapped country (through wars, peace, prosperity and sqaulor) and built a nation. There were many Nationalities that came together with their differences to produce a thoroughbred country. I understand pride in heritage and also of religion but as of lately, there is a religious disorder that is creeping into everyday American life, causing needless deaths, and creating a heightened awareness of it’s presence (Closing in on a deteriorating negative connotation).

Everyone (when permitted by immigration regulations) able to enter the United States legally, has met some initial difficulties with the English language, embracing American customs, and emulating the America lifestyle. America is the greatest melting pot of cultures in the world, but some are not even trying. In fact, practicing members and converts to this one religion, appear to be religiously trained, to kill at will their fellow man. They are taking their religious convictions and initiating religious executions upon the state.

You came here for a reason as an immigrant or you took up your religion because you wanted to bring more faith into your life. However, you were given no authority to disrupt the freedom of all other citizens in these United States of America by using your religion as an excuse to commit mayhem and murder like a judge, jury, and executioner. These acts are acts of Terrorism.

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How to Grovel, Bow and Kowtow


There were questions of whether or not Mr. Obama bowed to the Saudi Arabian King or the Queen of England by the Liberal Main Stream Media.

I believe that there is no question to whether Mr. Obama is supplicant to other world leaders as he bows to the Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

This third event is no longer a mistake, or misinterpretation, it is insulting to the People of the United States of America.

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11.17.09 Update: The Bowing Bozo never stops: Gateway Pundit’s Blog.

A Bonanzle Seller Best Practice

I have been waiting for quite some time and I finally saw it happen on Bonannzle. Sellers who offer the same line of product on a regular basis have an added tool at their disposal for their Bonanzas. I am not speaking of the “reminder” button that buyers will hit, I am talking about the personal touch.

Gems of Nirvana Click on the image for Gems of Nirvana’s Main Site

Bonanzle site link: Gems of Nirvana made me smile today with a “Best Practice” personal message invite to their Bonanza scheduled later today.

Grassroots growth and innovation abounds among the community with new tips on managing your own business. Thanks Gems of Nirvana. Please stop by their booth today and see what is going right in business and take advantage of their Bonanza with a discount of 15%.

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