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Newsweek Now Known as NewsWeak or NewsTweak

Is it any surprise that NewsWeak bows in homeage to Mr. Obama? It is fair observation to note that this magazine leans farther left than the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

What an unprofessional left leaning loony rag! You didn’t have the common courtesy, let alone professionalism, to get a studio photo shot of Former Governor Sarah Palin to grace your once respected magazine. Let me help you with some information and a good photo source, her book cover “Going Rogue“:
Tip to your staff, she was the Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008 and Governor of Alaska… many professional photos were available to choose from. But NewsTweak had to resort to other means to garner a photo to “spark” sales. Big mistake. You have shown your hand and now let the backlash begin on a rag of yellow journalism. Another item off my list of purchases!

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Press Release From the American Grand Jury – Charge “Treason”

The charge of “Treason” filed against President Obama in US District Court, Washington (09-346-RCL)

PRESS RELEASE: November 17th, 2009 by American Grand Jury

Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III levels charge in an effort to avert what he described as a pending civil war.

American Grand Jury has incorporated the Fitzpatrick criminal complaint within its Presentments. The Presentments were served on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on July 2nd, 2009. The Presentments are still pending before Chief Judge Royce Lamberth. Two Orders, a Motion to Reconsider, and a Response have been issued. The American Grand Jury Response to the Court’s 2nd Order was filed in late October. The Response is currently pending before the Court.

If acted upon, the Grand Jury Presentments would require that Obama be criminally indicted for fraud as to “Eligibility” and “Treason” per the Fitzpatrick complaint.

American Grand Jury is actively pursuing the serving of Presentments in a number of United States District Courts in different States.

Please visit http://ProsecuteObama.org for further details.

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