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Thankful at This Thanksgiving – No Government Cooking of the Turkey, But They Have Cooked our Goose

Thankful at This Thanksgiving – No Government Cooking of the Turkey, But They Have Cooked our Goose

I have just started my Christmas baking and preparing my Thanksgiving meal fixings for tomorrow… and of course the family comes in periodically and takes various turns, taste testing. It’s good, for this is the record of what is working, and what won’t make it to the table for dinner. I listen and I respond appropriately. When you don’t get the truth, you could present a fiasco of a meal. Why have the majority in attendance, suffer for the one? I am thankful for this family of mine, who tells it like it is. I’ve noticed also, that too many goodies, can spoil the appetite and send someone to bed with a sore tummy.

I find this is much like how the current administration operates, although – with edicts there is no testing via surveys or allowable input(truth is never shouted from the thuggery pulpit), with mistakes in judgments there is never corrective action or modifications, and the failings continue without abate. Monies are porked about and forked over to various branches of the government and all they can do is whine that they are full up with too many problems. The government is not the majority but a micro representation laced with their own opinions paid for by lobbyists, pork, and taxpayer dollars. The majority is the people “We the People”.

The trouble with this analogy is that the family member might have indulged in excess that only affected that one member, but the government is creating havoc in a Definite “Trickle-Down” Effect upon all the citizenry of these United States of America. I would be thankful just to see the administration adhere to the U.S. Constitution, remove the bizarre czars, support the military, stop the spending, create jobs, cut taxes, display transparency, deal with immigration, stop kowtowing to every other government, keep the Terrorists in Gitmo, see Conservatism in action, know that Tiger Woods is a golfing legend and no matter how many times you play(way too much) that he will always be above the Usurper’s score, stop using the MSM to support “slight of hand” information, speak the truth, allow companies or businesses to sink or float on their own, disband ACORN, SEIU and their affiliate ilk, deal with one thing at a time and do it right, give up on the Climategate scam(nobody was that stupid except for Al Gore and just a tip – that medal doesn’t go to heaven or hell with you), free Lt. Behenna, leave the US Navy Seals alone, understand that road trips are for roadies – not an Usurper on the taxpayers’ dollars, realize that parties at the White House are a staggering and frivolous waste of taxpayers’ money and a poor example of leadership, perception is everything and it is poor, and I could continue endlessly but the point is made. No one likes a back seat driver who tells you where to go but doesn’t have the license, car, gas or knowledge of how to get there!

Thank goodness the government doesn’t cook our turkey! But it sure wants to cook our goose!
Cooked Goose

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