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Kill the Health Care Bill – Contact the 60th Senator Vote

Patriots never give up and never give in. Miracles can happen and everyone is working it these days. The Health Care Task Force has provided a link to Tweet on Twitter the 7 Senators who make pivotal opportunities for Patriots. On this page you will also see a link to send an email off to these same Senators. It will have the standard saying, but go ahead and add your own personal touch. See mine below:

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Thank you for taking action for taking action to stop the passage of Harry Reid’s $2.5 trillion government takeover of you health care.

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Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln
Senator Michael F. Bennet
Senator Evan Bayh
Senator Byron L. Dorgan
Senator Ben Nelson
Senator Arlen Specter
Senator Jim Webb

I am writing to urge you not to be Sen. Harry Reid’s 60th vote in passing the health care reform package the Senate is considering.

I support reform that lowers costs while increasing quality of care, not a government takeover of my health care. A massive expansion of the federal government and increasing taxes is NOT the reform we need. Numerous polls show a majority of American’s agree with me.

Please do what the American people are asking you to do. Vote against this bill.

Time to Take Congress to Task
21 12 2009

If Congress doesn’t know how to control spending of the taxpayers’ dollars maybe we should teach them how to budget their own finances. It is past time to retroactively amend their pay, retirement, and luxury use of the peoples’ facilities. All special interest “payoffs” should go back into the kitty aka “National Debt” whose clock is clicking faster than any time bomb. I detailed some of my thoughts in a Twitter stream a couple of days ago. I believe “We the People” can make this happen!

The latest slap to the American Citizenry came at just after 1 am EST this morning, when – the U.S. Senates’ 60 Liberal Democratic Senators ignored the will and views of “We the People”. The Democratic Senators worked on a “buy my vote for the highest bribe so that I can retain my cozy digs on the dole” aka “the highest paid Welfare positions in the USA.

We see what you are up to, and if you won’t fulfill the wishes of the American People, we will change the collective of Congress in 2010 and every year after! By the way, I am a Proud Tea Party Member!


The Patriots Are Beginning to Stand Up – Enter Parker Griffith

Parker Griffith - R - AL 5th District
Moments ago at 2:00 EST, the United States of America accepted the latest great American Patriot.  Welcome – Parker Griffith. who has left the slime of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives to cross party lines and declare alignment with the Republican Party values. There were no kind words of farewell to the Democrats.

There is opportunity for change growing daily. Congratulations Rep. Griffith, your country salutes you! I know Alabama is darn proud of you!

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Super Grand Jury Presentments Process-Served USDC, Hartford, CT


The Super II Grand Jury Presentments were process-served upon the US District Court, Hartford, CT.

PR logoTRANS WORLD NEWS – PRESS RELEASE: for Tuesday, December 22, 2009 by American Grand Jury

The Super II Grand Jury Presentments were process-served upon the US District Court, Hartford, CT through the US Attorney\’s office. The serve was made by Daniel Hunt, an American Grand Jury member.

Daniel Hunt serve

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You can visit AGJ at http://AmericanGrandJury.org/?sid=010bm