Hide Your Money Folks – Al Gore Might Hop on “Stellar Warming” Next

Humorous Musings

Simulated – Animation of a Supernova.

It’s coming, it’s coming….. “The Death Star“. Yes T Pyxidis is only 3,260 light-years away from Earth. Oh no! Commando Cody aka Al Gore where are you? We need protective gear, an outer space shield, blasters……. hmm? Crickets!

Just for informational purposes a light-year is the distance light can travel in 1 year. Therefore, the light we can see from T Pyxidis is very old indeed. If the Supernova occurred today it would take quite a bit of time to get here and anyone reading this today would have been gone as long as the Pyramids have stood.

But Al Gore don’t let some quick Natural Law get in the way of “Stellar Warming”. Your first fantasy “Global Warming” did so well. If only we had known the ghost writers were infinite.

Hollywood wants it’s Oscar back and the Nobel Committee may soon be knocking at your door in Tennessee to regain that prize, but don’t you fret now. Alaska hasn’t forgotten that special annual tribute to you.

*** Also forwarded to the 912 Project Fan Site for Use


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