Blanche Lincoln Puts MSM and Constituents on Ignore

Oh Blanche Lincoln what a mess you have on your hands. And what a tangled web you wove when you ignored the people of Arkansas this past summer and went all out, full steam roller ahead…

…and did the bidding of your party and “followed the leader” along party lines.

How rude as you ignore…

…and laugh off this interviewer.

Then you entered the history of infamy (With a Liberal, Progressive Democratic Move) as “Sen. Lincoln on Board as 60th Vote: Enjoyed her Senate Career“.

Just for good measure, the Media was put on ignore today. The local media where Arkansans could gather information from their elected officials was avoided. What was the harm of commenting on the miraculous achievement of Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts? Many Arkansans including myself supported his campaign. There’s no Senatorial support of constituents in Arkansas! Via Today’s THV website: …Arkansas Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor we’re unavailable Wednesday to speak with Today’s THV about the impact of this election… Geesh somethings never change. How cowardly!

Well, 2010 Arkansans will see an accessible, conservative candidate ousting Blanche Lincoln from her Senate seat, by way of election. Might be a good time to look into brushing up that resume of yours, Blanche. And just a head’s up, it’s not Bush or Cheney’s fault – You Own It, Embrace It! You could always pull a “Vic Snyder”!


7 responses to “Blanche Lincoln Puts MSM and Constituents on Ignore

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  2. First time I’ve come across your blog Bobbi. Nice piece. You’re right. We need to elect a good Conservative in her place. Below is a link to the one who can get it done. He is more conservative than any of the 9 GOP candidates. Besides, aren’t the two parties the reason we’re in the mess we’re in now?

    • The great thing about this upcoming 2010 election is that the voters really know what they don’t want………. and now have a Patriotic image (Scott Brown) of what is needed to turn this country around. 10 months of vetting and really getting to know what the candidates are all about, and not like the days of old, where you just sit and shut up are gone. We have sat down and shut up for over a year. Time for the people and not the government to institute a change we can be proud of. Thanks for your kind words, Bobbi

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