Corruption Permeates All Three Branches of US Government – Enter SCOTUS

SCOTUS – Current Justices

Current SCOTUS.jpg

Today “Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor Donations to Campaigns” as reported by FOX News. Well I never thought that an entity (a corporation) would be given the First Amendment to own and embrace? Are there any exceptions, any caveats? Oh if this isn’t going to be the “the one with the most spoils or soils (dollars or detractors)” can overly finance or easily smear a running candidate. Are there any time constraints, or can they love to death their next chosen one the day after any election or spew hate to cause overt distress upon a sitting official (hoping for a resignation)? Just some thoughts on how perverse this decision is to authorize corporate spending on political campaigns when…

…at the same time the other two branches of government: the Executive Branch (aka Bogus POTUS) and the Congress of the United States (COTUS) cries foul on these same corporations for paying their own employees bonuses before, during and after they bailed these same corporations out with enormous amounts of  taxpayer dollars with strings attached. Some of the worst offenders exist in our Congress who perpetuated this “Circle of Strife” recession and are still playing the game. Even Obama loves to cast a volley now and then. Oh, the irony.


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