Lt. Michael Behenna Patriot Soldier Only Receives Small Reduction of Time

To All Michael Behenna Supporters,

The Deputy Secretary of the Army, Catherine Mitrano, following the recommendation of the Army Clemency Board, determined that 1Lt Michael Behenna’s sentence should be reduced from 20 years to 15 years.  Although we asked that Michael’s sentence be suspended pending his appeal, we are nonetheless grateful for this reduction in sentence.  Yet it is still hard to believe that this wonderful young man who fought so bravely for his country could sit behind bars until he turns 40 years of age.  I promise you that our fight for him will not end until Michael is free once more.

The next step in this long road to freedom is the appeals process.  Michael’s lawyers filed a brief in late December and the military now has several months to respond to it.  Once the military files their response then Michael’s appeal will be set before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, most likely later this summer.  We believe that Michael’s appeal is especially strong based upon the prosecutor’s withholding of critical evidence from the jury.

In the meantime it is your support and letters which buoy Michael’s spirits and keep him going through this nightmare.  Your support and the calls for Michael’s release continue to grow louder and louder.  Just a week ago Vicki was interviewed on the Michael Savage radio show and Michael’s case captured the committed followers of the Savage Nation.  The response has been overwhelming and in a recent phone call Michael told us that his mail outnumbered all other mail coming into his prison pod.  Encouragement from you sustains our son and for that we are forever in your debt.  Thank you for lifting up Michael and all our family and providing us the hope we need to continue the fight for his release and exoneration.

Below are some links you may find interesting, including a letter sent this week from two United States Congressmen to the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

Thank you again for your overwhelming support of an American soldier we proudly call our son.

Scott and Vicki Behenna

********* I have been monitoring this story continually. Will justice ever be served? Please don’t let this young courageous soldier waste away!


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