Securing the Border – Quarantine or PHRMA Project?

Time to secure the borders Zero Hero? You didn’t do it with Swine Flu, and now Dengue Fever rears its ugly head. Just the other day in Ohio, you were asked a question regarding H1N1. I found the answer with your additional explanation quite telling:

“QUESTION: Thank you. I’m very concerned about Social Security. I think there’s a few here who are probably living on that or supplementing that. I understand that Congress has given themselves a raise but has denied us COLA for possibly the next three years. At the time of the H1N1 thing, people over 65 were not given the right to have the shot. For some reason or other this health care crisis was left on our senior backs. What can we do about this?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, let me address all three of your issues, because you’re raising actually three separate issues.

First is how do we make sure that Social Security is sustainable over the long term. Social Security is one of our entitlement programs that for now is stable, but will not be if we don’t make some changes. Now, here’s the good news. Compared to Medicare, Social Security is actually in reasonably good shape, and with some relatively small adjustments, you can have that solvent for a long time. So Social Security is going to be there. I know a lot of people are concerned about it. Social Security we can fix.

Now, in terms of the COLA, the formula — COLA stands for Cost of Living Allowance, so it’s put in place to make sure that Social Security is keeping up with inflation. Here’s the problem. This past year, because of the severity of the recession, we didn’t have inflation; we actually had deflation. So prices actually fell last year. As a consequence, technically, seniors were not eligible for a Cost of Living Adjustment, to have it go up because prices did not go up in the aggregate. That doesn’t mean that individual folks weren’t being pinched by higher heating prices or what have you, but on average prices went down.

Here’s what we did. Working with these key members of Congress here, we did vote to provide a $250 one-time payment to seniors, which, when you factored it in, amounted to about 1.8 percent. So it was almost the equivalent of the COLA, even though it wasn’t actually the COLA.

So we didn’t forget seniors. We never forget seniors because they vote at very high rates. (Laughter.) Not to mention you changed our diapers and things. And so we appreciate that.

The third point that you made had to do with the H1N1 virus. The reason that seniors were not prioritized was because, unlike the seasonal flu shot, H1N1 was deadliest in young people and particularly children. And because the virus came up fairly late in the time frame for preparing flu shots, we had a limited number of vaccines, and we had to decide who gets the vaccines first.

Now, by the way, let me just do a little PSA here. Anybody who has not gotten a H1N1 shot, along with their seasonal flu, I would still advise you to get it, because historically there are two waves of this. Particularly make sure your kids have gotten it, because there have been a significantly higher number of children killed under H1 — who get H1N1 than those who just get the seasonal flu. It’s still a small fraction, I don’t want to make everybody afraid. But it’s just — it’s a little more serious than the normal seasonal flu.

So it’s not that seniors were neglected here. What happened was, according to the science, according to the CDC, it was determined that we had to go to the most vulnerable groups the quickest, and that was children, particularly those who had underlying neurological disorders or immunity disorders.

All right? We haven’t forgotten about you. And you don’t look 83.”

Looks like the world didn’t exactly fall for the call of Wolf (Swine Flu), Wolf (Swine Flu) as there is a glut of excess vaccine building up in different places. You were not fair and balanced because you failed to inform of some horrible consequences associated with the Swine Flu Vaccine. It also appears that even with this one event, a “Death Panel Forum” made a preferential decision –

“…The panel also recommended that, once sufficient supplies exist to meet the needs of all targeted groups, the vaccine should be offered to healthy adults ages 25 to 64. Once those needs are met, vaccinations would be recommended for people older than 65.

The targeted groups differ starkly from the recommendations for seasonal flu vaccine campaigns, which include people 65 and older in the highest-risk group…”

-on who would receive the vaccine. You confirmed this as you try to sell the product again to the American people. It appears that there has never been a good distribution plan or a keen interest in followup.

So I am wondering is Dengue Fever the next PHRMA Project or Pharmaceutical/Administration Backroom Deal? Sure could be a money maker if the populace is terrorized again with threats of gloom and doom… oops did I let your cat out of the bag?


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