Grievance Letter Hand Delivered to Judge Lamberth’s Offices


newsletter PRESS RELEASE: January 25th, 2010 by American Grand Jury

American Grand Jury concluded its “Grievance Letter” campaign this month along with a public petition. The Petition included 3,181 names [digital signatures] submitted to American Grand Jury. The package was hand-delivered by process-serve to Judge Lamberth’s personal clerk, Robert Elliotte. The package included an “original” copy of the Super II Grand Jury Presentments, the Grievance letter and Petition names.

You can see the original “Grievance Letter” here. The letter campaign originated in response to Judge Lamberth’s stonewalling and refusal to do his Constitutional duty by hearing the Grand Jury Presentments. The Presentments formally charge Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi with criminal “Eligibility and Election” fraud.

The original Grand Jury Presentments, including the evidence, is posted on the American Grand Jury website under a public folder:

The full details of the PRESS RELEASE can be seen on the American Grand Jury website:


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