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Already Enacted High Dollar Higher Education Debt Forgiveness

Bogus POTUS during the State of the Union Address hit upon a plan to create a debt forgiveness for graduates of college. Hmm? Looks like it’s already in effect as this very informative CNN video displays:


Looks like $300 million in stimulus funds has already been spread to another government agency – The National Health Service Corps under the umbrella of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services(hmm?) Dr. Rishi Manchanda has already signed a contract and is already working in a clinic? Maybe the clinic has uninsured patients or could illegal alien patients be the customers? Notice the conversation at the end of the video is conducted in Spanish?

Just a thought, is Bogus POTUS nurturing favors for the future of these young college educated men and women’s votes or the future amnesty recipients’ votes (since he’s playing all sides). Quite an achievement and in the worst possible way. Did you know your tax dollars are recycling and squandered for the benefit of the Liberal agenda of the administration? Guess who gets left holding the bag? I see a radical deal with the devil and the devil always gets his due.

Bogus POTUS Achieves Backpedal Medal on State of the Union Address

The Backpedal Medal aka Flip Flop until he drops! 1 hour and 10 minutes of swing. 80 Applause sessions definitely… undeserved. The country is moving in reverse, not in a good way, due to poor leadership, who is still ignoring learning on the job and desires no retention of skills.

Let’s keep the review short and sweet. He lied, he whined, he blamed, he called out the Supreme Court, declared a deadline of August for troops to be completely out of Afghanistan (by the way this will cause a huge addition to our unemployment!), stated a freeze on spending to begin late 2011 (wow priority is not here!), announced a website for all pork/earmarks to be parked and viewed by the citizenry before a bill is passed, the crackpot several times called many other kettles black. He was pained as he delivered his speech. He didn’t even believe what he was saying. His deficit figure mentioned and the real deficit/debt are not even in the same ballpark. He desires to keep the spending pace up with a “Jobs” bill from the slush fund of Stimulus Money?

He had an entire year with a Democratic Majority in the House, in the Senate and Oval Office (with a rag tag band of tax dodgers and other issues) and there were no positive accomplishments. Don’t you dare attack the Republicans because your Liberal agenda being pushed via Pelosi/Reid is abhorrent to the American People, or chastise the fast fleeing Democrats. Everyone knows what’s been going on and if they can’t support the administration, they are making their stand or retreat as needed. He talked about “Washington Campaigning” and he’s the worst offender.

He appears to want to continue beating the dead horse of health care, he appears weak on terrorists and no mention of Gitmo. And it seems the issue he wants to address most is that Gays and Lesbians should be mainstreamed without “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” edict to be lifted in the military. Was there nothing else more critical to be decisive on with this blathering speech?

By the way, I didn’t miss that little bow to Mrs. Pelosi, what’s up with that? Or that comment about “Muslims” and educating? It’s incredible that you have no credibility even within your own party or other branches of government (the cameras caught some very interesting mouthings!)

How the American Citizenry really feels about the Joker delivering the State of the Union Address:

Newest Hero JD Hayworth for US Senator from Arizona

I really, really wish I still lived in Arizona. I still carry the former Zip Code in my signature everywhere online. JD Hayworth has guts and gusto and will make a great gutsy U.S. Senator from Arizona. Check it out:

McCain Challenger: Obama ‘Should Come Forward’ With Birth Certificate

John McCain running from JD Hayworth? hmm?

State of the Union – A Mess

There is no lie, he hasn’t tried.

Future generations will view this first year of the bogus Obama administration, as the year of waste and excess, bordering on destruction with distraction, engineered directly to break the backs of the American public.

Waste –
Televised Events
Taxpayer Dollars
Military Lives
Hope and Change Mantra
Love to Terrorists

Excess –
“Savior” trips on AF 1
White House Parties
Broken Promises
Radical Appointments
Union Love
Czars and Czarinas
Lack of Commitment
Name Calling
Flip Flopping
Back Room Deals
Tax Increase on Cigarettes

Destruction –
Devaluation of Gitmo
War on Banks
Fear Mongering
War on Citizens
Support to Terrorists

Distraction –
Terrorist Trials in Civilian Courts
AF 1 Fly Over NYC
Heath Care
Staged Events
Beer Summit

Some of the terms definitely cross all spans. And there are so many more terms, but it’s more shame upon America. The State of the Union is a Mess, directly caused by the Obama administration. If that was what he was hoping to change, he hit the mark. That seed he’s planted is now a full grown germinating noxious weed.