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Important Message to Veterans – Col. Conrad Reynolds for U.S. Senate Arkansas

Important Message to Veterans

It’s time for Patriots to ascend the Political stairs in Washington, DC. Vote Col. Conrad Reynolds for U.S. Senate from Arkansas in 2010. The military leaves no man behind!


Bogus POTUS Needs to Re-Read His Job Description

I remember the old “Where’s Waldo?” books, games, etc. But now it’s the days of the reverse game of “Hope and Change” or as he stated at the SOTU Address “Hopeful”. These daily “events” appear to be “Where Isn’t Obama?” Somehow I just don’t see anything Presidential with this Buffoon! Well past well worn out on appearances.

Say, Bogus POTUS, why don’t you act as a “Bench Warmer” in the Oval Office that you usurped. Read your job description. It’s located within the U.S. Constitution and further guidelines can be found easily with the online version of USC 3 – US CODE 3 – U.S. Code – Title 3: The President. Could you pay particular attention to Qualifications of a U.S. President?

Name That Goon

It’s tough to keep your Union friends straight as you throw others under the Progressive Liberal Obama Bus:

Who’s your Big Buddy?

Who’s going to let you down?

New Marching Orders for SEIU? The beatings will soon commence.

The enthusiasm is just amazing………..lol

What foolish tools you are – for a Bogus POTUS! It’s always been and always will be all about the money!