Judge Andrew Napolitano Speaks on Natural Rights and the Patriot Act

Judge Andrew Napolitano : Natural Rights and The Patriot Act!

A great layout of what is really going on today with the only eagle eye and impartial view that this patriotic judge can provide.


16 responses to “Judge Andrew Napolitano Speaks on Natural Rights and the Patriot Act

  1. Here comes the judge! — telling it like it is, as we do, too. Hope you visit our site.

    John Lofton, Editor, TheAmericanView.com
    Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution
    Host, “The American View” Radio Show
    Recovering Republican

    “Accursed is that peace of which revolt from God is the bond, and blessed are those contentions by which it is necessary to maintain the kingdom of Christ.” — John Calvin.

  2. An “Act of Congress” is policy, not law, and per definition located in Rule 54, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, has only local application in the District of Columbia and other United States territories and insular possessions unless general application is manifestly expressed: Rule 54(c) — “‘Act of congress’ includes any act of Congress locally applicable to and in force in the District of Columbia, in Puerto Rico, in a territory or in an insular possession.”

    The necessity of regulations being published in the Federal Register is variously prescribed in the Administrative Procedures Act, at 5 USC § 552 et seq., and the Federal Register Act, at 44 USC § 1501 et seq.

    Of particular note, it is specifically set out at 44 USC § 1505(a), that when regulations are not published in the Federal Register, application of any given statute is exclusively to agencies of the United States and officers, agents and employees of the United States,

    Not much in the Federal Register regarding the Patriot Act, along with most other Acts ie Revenue Acts (title 26).
    It has limited reach and applicability and applies only to specific persons, ie exclusively to agencies of the United States and officers, agents and employees of the United States,

    It would be nice if these folks that have a national pulpit and audience would reveal the whole truth about our system of Government.

    • Dangerous words, Russ; and one must wonder why it is that knowledgeable people with the public ear don’t care to mention the whole truth about how our government works. He also referred to “fanatics” causing 911. Now he might be implying that Israel is responsible, but I didn’t take him that way.
      What you say above makes sense. Are you telling us that anybody could examine the cites you supply and we’d find the facts you mention written in English that someone with a high school diploma could understand? What would you do if federal agents with their own hand-written warrants showed up at your door? If you informed them of the law or asked the right questions, do you think you could get them to slither back into their car and drive away?

  3. Michael Marino

    Dear Judge Napolitano:
    Thank You for speaking up for the Constitution and the Liberties that we have lost! Please look at http://www.PatriotsQuestion911.com and join the call for Grand Jury investigation into 9/11.
    At YouTube see also Dr. Allan Sabrozky and Dr. Steven Jones.

    All the Best,

    Mike Marino

  4. how come when the patriot bill was first introduced no one said “boo”……least of all a republican. but now a dem heavy congress and a dem pres. don’t rescind it, they’re the bad guys. i got news for everyone out there…..there’s no difference anymore. not one little bitty difference. both parties are crooks, thieves, and murderers. everyone of them bought and paid for by…….well, take your pick. look who’s buying.

  5. Hey, this guy wasn’t that outspoken before when Bushy was president. Why is he motivated NOW to speak out? What are his motives? He has too much time on the major media networks….not to be trusted fools.

    Is he related to Janet Napolitano? Is he jewish? Two important questions. Anyone know his background.

    Has anyone done their homework?

    • The fact of the matter is this. The good Judge was raising holy hell about the Patriot Act at the time of its passing. He was in some really bad, verbal, dust ups with Bill “RIGHT WING NUT” O’ Reilly. The real problem my freind is that the MEDIA has not allowed him and other true conservatives a platform to present their ideas. Those ideas that strike at the heart of the Oligarchy that really runs things in this country.

      By the way he has no love for Pres. Barack “Black-Bush” Obama. If you look carefully at Obama’s foreign policy, and economic policy it is identical to George Bush. Get beyond the nonsense and realize that there is 1 party on Capitol Hill
      “The Republicore Party” or “Demoplicans”. The real rulers select a President to sell an agenda like movie stars sell products on T.V. same scam.

  6. Michael Marino

    Now is now, and be glad you heard what he said. If you had listened you would not ask if he was related to Janet.

    Is Naples in Israel?


    9 / 1 1 Coincidences

  7. Here Comes the Judge!

    Check his record. He is clean. No hidden agenda. True Patriot! Very few of them with a bully pulpit so he needs our support! Trust but verify.

  8. In other words…

    Justice Defined: We are all free to profit or suffer and learn (adapt to excellence) by facing the consequences of our OWN choices. Injustice is to be forced to suffer the consequences of choices of unaccountable (irresponsible) others..

    “The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern. The law of liberty tends to abolish the reign of race over race, of faith over faith, of class over class.” ~ Lord Acton

    “Rule of Law”. Use it, or, lose it:


    Bill Ross
    (Electronics Design Engineer)

  9. After Nov elections we hopefully will be able to repeal the Patriot Act. Bush rammed it through because he was instructed to by the same people that set up and executed 911- the Rothschilds and their Zionist followers and the Massad. Go to Rense.com and find”911 Israel did it”
    A new, independent investigation of 911is needed. Hard evidence exists pointing to an inside job!

  10. Rev Reggie Jackson

    Sorry Judge but these new world order antichrist beast devils don’t believe in any law but their own!! For the Bible says that they are lawless and will be extremely evil. They will make the evil that the Caesars and Nero and Napolian and Hilter and Mao and Stalin did look like a Sunday picnic. For these devils have given their alligance to Lucifer who has taught them how to rob and steal and commit genocides and great murders in creating wars for great profits and wealth.

    But don’t worry!! For after they have killed and martyred most of Gods children who wouldn’t take their mark of the beast chip in their hands or foreheads; the Great God of Heaven will at first plague them all for 42 months of hell on the Earth; and then He will send Jesus and His mighty angels from heaven to wipe them all out in hours!! And have them all before the Great White Throne. Where they will all be sentenced to the Great Lake of Fire and Brimstone where they will be yelling and screaming in the greatest agonies imaginable for eons and eons. Along with their daddy Lucifer and his fallen angels!!

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  12. Why did the Romans destroy the 2nd temple in Jerusalem year 0067-0070 ??

    40 yrs after our Savior died on the cross.

    Ceasar said that the Israel people had foresaken their own god.

  13. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!

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