Why Do Liberal Democrats Apologize to Someone Other Than the Victims

Obama apologizes to Harry Reid? Harry Reid doesn’t own Las Vegas (but claims to have integrated?), Nevada or the United States. Obama should openly apologize to the country. Why not, you are always on TV anyway and you could use your handy dandy teleprompters!

Rahm apologizes to Tim Shriver? Tim Shriver is not in charge of all the facilities, residences, and private homes of the disabled and their loved ones across these United States. Rahm should openly apologize to the country. Why not, it would be good training to use proper verbiage on camera! You might want to thank Governor Palin for bringing your Faux Pas into the light!

These are both issues of National Pride and these huge gaffes are not going away quietly:
Obama Aide’s Fiasco Goes On, Despite Apologies
Fallout From Obama’s Vegas Remarks Continue

Looks like Mayor Goodman called it right! Obama is “A Real Slow Learner” Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and I might have just been on to something here: No Class, Lowest Class Rahm Emanuel.

Sorry goes only so far…. when it is a daily event!


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