By the US Constitution NOT a Natural Born Citizen & You Too Gov. Granholm

A Little Tea Please and a Party too!

The U.S. Constitution

The Constitutional Requirement for US President

Citizenship Terms Used in the U.S. Constitution – The 5 Terms Defined & Some Legal Reference to Same

With “Court Grants Motion for Leave to File Overlength Brief in Kerchner Appeal”:
It appears that Obama’s Usurpation is coming to a close and the heat is on!

Even as Chicago attempts to thwart the reality of what constitutes a Natural Born Citizen with “A Citizenship Setup for Bogus POTUS”:
The American Citizenry is not buying anything Obama is selling.

A trend has been set for politicians to declare self-interest classification for citizenship “BORN IN THE USA? Canadian citizenship hurdle to be U.S. president? Michigan governor pooh-poohs concern over dual allegiances”:
Gov. Granholm might want to look for a new line of work then – at the end of her term – as the next Prime Minister of Canada, hmm?

By the way all of you Progressive Liberals………. Wong Kim Ark was never declared a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to run for President! But keep sending those emails.


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