Not a Hero, but a Martyr for Their Causes? Keep an Open Mind When You Read This!

I don’t agree that Joseph Stack was a hero as detailed in “To some, suicide attack on IRS made pilot a hero”. I have read and reread his last document and I think he was a martyr to his cause. I believe he wanted to wake up America. He was not a stupid man yet he was frustrated as his life, liberty and freedom was slowly sucked dry. There is a reason that he flew into the IRS offices. I do not condone what he did – as he affected so many other people’s lives – but the government was not straight with him, nor has it been with the rest of America.

Now we have another man John Patrick Bedell, who, it might as well be said, committed “suicide by cop” at the Pentagon. He also was not a stupid man, and was frustrated by an “unsolved case”? The sheer repetition of similar views and theories from California and the Colonel’s family suggest that indeed something was wrong! There is a reason that he went to the Pentagon. This in no way validates the extent to which Mr. Bedell escalated this miscarriage.

It appears that there is a small pattern developing and it may be reaching a critical mass this year. As the Obama aka Bogus POTUS administration tries to grow government into “Super Government” it is radically distancing itself from the people. When people have continually been placed on ignore by their elected officials and sinister happenings by the government repeatedly occur, it appears that even the Left Wingers have had enough this past year!


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