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May I See Your ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Papers?

Everybody is up in arms about a just law in Arizona!

But let me ask you…

When anyone comes to your door that is not in uniform, what do you ask to see?
Electric Company person? ID. Cable person? ID.
This is for your safety!

What about being pulled over by anyone not in uniform, say an undercover police, FBI or Secret Service agent?
You want to see a Badge and an ID.

When you go to another country, what is asked of you?
A Passport because you’re a legal visitor!

What does anyone from any country show another country upon entry?
A Passport because they are legally entering!

Do you know why Italians coming into New York were termed a derogatory term that I will not use?
With Out Papers because they had none.

If someone would commit a crime against you in Arizona, wouldn’t you like to be able to collect damages, if you’re alive and able? What do want to know to prosecute them?

Hello America!

Did your forefathers do the right thing so that others won’t?


The Terminator Might Run California, but California is Not the Deter-minator

I encourage all Good Patriots across the USA to Boycott California. Instead of standing tall in support of and respect for Arizona’s Immigration Law, their neighbor state California decided to make an example of Arizona with a boycott.

CA boycotts could dig deep into pockets of AZ businesses

I have lived in both states, had children in both states, but for reality and values, I’d take Arizona over California any day so here is a list of companies to: “Support These Companies Incorporated in Arizona“!

I say even if you are going to buy via online auctions and collectible sites, remember what state gets the revenue in the end. Don’t feed the California monsters. What if this was your state that had been singled out for standing up for itself and another state tried to punish it?

We all stand together so that none stands alone until the Boycott is called off!

Heads Up to Puerto Rico – Voting Democrat Has Consequences

Voting Democrat has Consequences

Just a head’s up Puerto Rico, the Democrats have plans for you. If you think “U.S. jobless claims fall; rise in P.R.” is bad, read “Puerto Rican Statehood Today.”

Puerto Rico be careful what they wish for you…
It might just come your way.
The price of all of this…
Might be more than you wish to pay!

President Pantywaist Does Not Disappoint – Title Safe

Barack Obama: President Pantywaist – new surrender monkey on the block is in no danger of losing his title after this episode in his “home” state yesterday:

Obama Speaks In Quincy ILL. Riot Police Brought In

SharpElbowsStl — April 28, 2010 — Interviews with Obama supporters and Riot Police brought in to intimidate peaceful protesters.

The SWAT team / Riot Police must be mortified.

Truly President Pantywaist’s Defining Moment!

Five Airline or Airplane Flight Diversions in One Month – Coincidence, Unlikely

What is up with this? Five Airline Flight or Airplane Diversions, publicly known, in one month? It is highly unlikely a coincidence, and the odds of this thin window occurring, involving the same threat, would be astronomical if you were a gambler.

April 8 Qatari diplomat arrested after mid-air ‘bomb threat’
April 22 Man removed from Delta flight added to no-fly list — while in air
April 23 Two Weeks After Denver Diplomat Fright Flight… “Bomb Threats” on Flight from LA to Florida
April 27 Former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer named as unruly passenger on Delta flight: report
Today April 28 Plane Diverted To PTIA After Bomb Threat

What is happening at the U.S. Department of (IN)Security? hmm? It boggles the mind!

Army Private William Long’s Murderer Continues to Game the System

Army Private William Long

… was it only three weeks ago when I suggested… “One would suspect he’s bucking for a future insanity plea. I vote Gitmo!” …when I referred to the Whacko Radical Domestic Terrorist and Self-Proclaimed Muslim Convert killer of Army Private William Long in Little Rock, Arkansas?

Why yes, it certainly was and it looks like he’s building his defense while incarcerated, on the taxpayers’ dollars, “Mental Exam Set for Man Charged in Soldier Death” courtesy of KATV’s report, and to be defended by the taxpayers’ dollars. How many crimes will this slime continue to commit, even while incarcerated, before we say “Enough is enough”? By the way nice touch Dad, a little icing on the cake? Gitmo is calling, I think it is high time that call is answered! Someone is gaming the system!

No Old White Guys Needed via the Divider in Chief

Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Then again sometimes… it’s what you don’t say, that speaks volumes.

Don’t hold back Obama, tell the American people how you really think? Oops… too late.