Congratulations to Capitalist Extraordinaire – Glenn Beck

Good for Glenn

Well good for Glenn Beck and a super acknowledgement from Forbes with a cover edition!

It’s not like Forbes picked Glenn Beck on a whim, with these accomplishments:
Latest Available “Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, April 6, 2010” via TV By The Numbers

5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 2,336,000 viewers (610,000) (1,092,000)
Situation Room—580,000 viewers (100,000) (191,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 514,000 viewers (88,000) (225,000)
Fast Money – 269,000 viewers (64,000) (138,000)
Showbiz Tonight —159,000 viewers (a scratch w/37,000) (64,000)

Glenn Beck Makes Bestseller History with New Book

#81 Glenn Beck – The 2009 Celebrity 100

1st Anniversary of the 912 Project Brought About by Mr. Glenn Beck

A Biography of Glenn Beck and he hasn’t always had it easy. He stumbled, he picked himself up, and persevered. What’s not to learn from the “Capitalist Extraordinaire”?

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