No Tea Party is Too Small – Year 2

This Year Beginning to Gather

Last Year Notes From A Tea Party Participant

No Tea Party is Small

The Spirit of the Tea Party Movement hasn’t changed in the last year… the only change in our country has been the enormous amount of debt, job losses, and tax increases. I am proud to be a Patriotic American after the Historic Tea Party protests of 4/15/2009 and now 4/15/10 across this country. I am currently living in the small town of Benton, Arkansas. We had a Tea Party. It was grand and right at the Post Office as tax payers were sending off their payments. People waved and even decided to join our local Tea Party chapter Saline County Tea Party.

Once again, there was no town or city’s event that was too small. All stood for the greater good of the United States of America. People of different means, parties, ages, religions, and races continue to come together to protest the outrageous government spending and reassigning of taxes resting upon every American’s shoulders and their descendants’ shoulders.

Although the Tea Party does not endorse candidates, there was a twist this year, as several candidates came out, stood with, and supported our event. Welcome Patriots!


2 responses to “No Tea Party is Too Small – Year 2

  1. Here’s a brief look at Denver’s welcome for the Tea Party Express III.
    Very scarry, Bill Clinton, very scarry…

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