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Clever Campaign Video ~ What would Jack do? Vote Chuck DeVore!

What would Jack do? Vote Chuck DeVore

devore4ca — May 24, 2010 — http://chuckdevore.com – The following events take place over the 24 year foreign and military career of U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore.

Ask yourself this question, Jack Bauer fans: which person would Jack want as his U.S. Senator? Barbara Boxer, a Guantanamo-closing, tax-raising, big-government-growing ultra-liberal who reads Miranda rights to foreign terrorists? Or Chuck DeVore, a U.S. Army Reserve intelligence officer who likes Guantanamo Bay as it is, thinks foreign terrorists should have an interrogator – not a lawyer, and supports lower taxes and smaller government?
He also mows his own lawn and can throw a mean hand grenade.
We know the answer to that question.
Vote for Chuck DeVore and give California a U.S. Senator that Jack Bauer can be proud of.



Guilty 17 Counts Obama, Michael Sovern and Trustees of Columbia University

My Fellow Americans,

On Tuesday, 18 May 2010 in The ATLAH Court room under the sanction of the US Constitution “We The People spoke.” Mr. Obama , Michael Sovern, and the Trustees of Columbia University were found guilty on all 17 counts of Sedition, Conspiracy, Fraud, and Obstruction of Justice.

I am assembling a coalition to hand the verdicts to The Judiciary of The US Senate, The US Congress, The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, and The US Attorney General.

Specifically for Michael Sovern and Columbia University, I will be submitting to The New York State Bar, The New York State Attorney General, New York State Regents, and The Mid-Atlantic Schools Accreditation demanding their license to operate an educational institution be revoked.

Perhaps their first response will be to defend and reject. Thereupon, will begin the most exciting part of this guilty victory. Inasmuch, as we will proceed to court testing the constitutionality of the 10th Amendment established by our Founding Fathers.

I expect the courts to be careful in their decision not to injure the rights of “We The People.”

Thank you for your support, I will post and update on You Tube within 24 hours and will take a few weeks rest from the daily Manning Report.

Visit Atlah.org for all daily updates.

Dr. Manning

In His Royal Service
Rev. James David Manning, PhD
A Natural Born Citizen


What is the Current State of the States?

We know the country is in Socialists hands through the Token Bogus POTUS Administration, and it is continually under assault. By way of unification of these 50 states of the United States, Patriots birthed America. Not the other way around!

Have you noticed the constant purposeful neglect and/or purposeful attacks upon the individual states by the administration and its many minions, czars, czarinas, union tools, etc? Guess what… in some way, everyone of them are paid through your very own tax dollars!

One can only reflect on the past lack of assistance during the floods in the northern states last year, the oil spill in the gulf region, immigration at the southern border, water hoarding on the west coast, the flooding in Nashville, the tornado onslaught in Mississippi, wild union worker attacks, colluding with the “enemy”. The only grandstand play in view is the continual Lame Blame Game of Shame and Sham upon the United States of America by an irresponsible, unqualified, and ignorant runaway government of Socialists. Patriots “When”! I mean… really now… they are working toward a new battle in North Korea!