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Reverse Discrimination and Intentional Race Baiting? Now the Norm, But Not a Solution!

Does anyone else see a constant and emerging pattern of civil unruliness where the participants feel entitlement and no fear of reprisal or incarceration due solely to their skin color? Maybe a signal has been validated by the highest of government officials in the U.S.?

Violent protests erupt after ex-transit officer convicted in train station killing
Riot at South Street Seaport: The Drake Show That Never Was
Video: Chicago Boy Beaten to Death by Black Gang

It appears that a “Free Pass” has been issued~
Fox News reports Top Justice Dept. Official Lied Under Oath About Dismissal of New Black Panther Case, Ex-DOJ Lawyer Says and CNS News reports DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Which Did Not Prosecute New Black Panthers, Is ‘Conscience’ of Nation, Holder Says

What we have here America, is a perversion of justice and a failed DOJ under this Bogus POTUS!



Space the Final Front of Fear?

Now let me get this straight… Obama initiates preferential religious treatment, NASA access, and exemption for Obamacare for Muslims, why?

When and where did Muslims build this great United States of America? Were they on the Mayflower? Were they at the Continental Congress? Did they build railroads and trail blaze the country? Was there a special invention or unique contribution by Muslims in the last 200+ years to and for America?  Was there a special battalion of Muslims during the Revolutionary or Civil War? Were there Muslim troops in the military during the Korean War, WW1 or WW2? Where’s the history that merits the good will of one Bogus POTUS and only the Bogus POTUS?

What have they done to this country and its citizens, hmm?
Murder of Army TAD Recruiter Little Rock, AR.
Murder of Army Personnel Fort Hood, TX.
Attempted bombing of flight to Detroit Christmas Eve.
And a huge list since…
…Muslims destroyed the WTC’s Twin Towers in New York City via airplanes.

Now, as Obama hands over NASA, red flags should be going off in the USA and the world. His picks have such a great track record (rolling eyes) and so transparent too. I’m sure Obama appointed Muslims will be sweet, gentle, kind and never contemplate using a heavy well laden, space travel enabled vehicle to deliver a rain of nukes, lasers or the vehicle itself as a supersonic bomb! I mean there’s no agenda for Muslims! I’m just saying!