Too Many Spooks Spoil the Ops!

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, the definition of Spooks for this use is found in Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: 1 spook
Pronunciation: \ˈspük\
Function: noun
Etymology: Dutch; akin to Middle Low German spōk ghost
Date: 1801

1 : ghost, specter
2 : an undercover agent : spy

— spook·ish \ˈspü-kish\ adjective

Spooks – Things I’ve Seen

Courtesy of MsHoneychile | April 07, 2007

It’s happening now:

Summer of spies behaving badly Exacty!
Cohn: Blowing China’s cover in Canada Bad Shout Out
New powers given to Russia’s security agency Hmm? So secretive…
Post: U.S. Intelligence Grows Beyond Control Might be more effective and respected if there was a positive track record and dirty laundry wasn’t hanging out on the line!
Vienna is still a favourite playground for spies Wherever do the mobile spies, special ops, and more ~ gather? Geesh!
Is Wash Post harming intelligence work? or even the MSM will get in the act to spoil operations!



3 responses to “Too Many Spooks Spoil the Ops!

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  2. I am sorry, but I dont get it. What is this post supposed to be about?

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