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Coincidence or Hard Sell Via Oil Spill After Oil Spill?

Have all facilities been working with faulty equipment?
Have all facilities suddenly hired irresponsible individuals?
Is this all just a matter of coincidence?

Most Recent Events:

Officials: Oil leak from China pipeline mostly cleaned
Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates
Oil Leak From Dalian Pipeline Explosion, Fires Is Under Control, CNPC Says
Michigan Oil Spill Update: Oil Leak Plugged And by the way, who knew?
Crews Fight to Contain New Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

I’m Just $aying That It Could Be… $ome Other Reason?!?



If You Can Prove It – Prosecute The Liberals When They Are Voted Out This November

How was your holiday season last year? What do you expect this holiday season?

Want to keep the Liberal RINOs and DINOs really busy this upcoming holiday season and beyond? Start your litigating paperwork now. There’s enough ammo via videos, pictures, documents, articles… as they are the worst of self-indulgent, self-important, self imposing people on the planet. Make them come to understand what a bail-out really is and how the U.S. Constitutional laws are applied to corrupt politicians! Make it personal, they did! There will be no:

They have an agenda until they are shown the Congressional doors. As it is now, they sit on their haunches ready to spring at their Bogus POTUS master’s edicts. Remember last year in November and December? Never forget how they sucked the fun out of the happiest time of the year for Patriots. Turnabout is fair play! After all, it’s our time to give them a present that keeps on giving… them grief!

2010 begins the end of  modern day tyranny!!!


Does Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas Even Listen To Herself?

Farm Bill 7-21-10.mov

SenatorLincoln | July 21, 2010

Unfortunately, I did, and she mispronounced the word – potable, hey Blanche where’s your education? At the 2:31 mark:

Pronunciation: \ˈpō-tə-bəl\

Are we aiding and trading with the enemy? By the way, that is treason! At the :57 mark

“…we sent $ 27  1/2 Billion overseas to purchase oil, much of that to hostile governments…”

What does not escape notice is the transparent Liberal Agenda Talking Points. Good Obama lap dog!


What a Crock of $hit ~ The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Make a Wish (Opening and closing)

70sKidVid | May 13, 2007

The opening and closing theme for the early 1970s Sunday morning series, Make a Wish. Hosted by Tom Chapin, brother of singer Harry, the series ran for several years.

Truly some of the 70s Kids took the message literally~

The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, or should be known as the future’s Liberal Blueprint for America’s Enslavement, is truly a piece of fiction. When the first goal is “…Taking action on Climate Change…” one knows that the Bogus POTUS’ administration lets no, real and substantiated facts, stand in the way of moving their agenda forward:

Goal 1: Taking Action on Climate Change and Improving Air Quality
Goal 2: Protecting America’s Waters
Goal 3: Cleaning Up Our Communities
Goal 4: Ensuring the Safety of Chemicals and Preventing Pollution
Goal 5: Enforcing Environmental Laws

If you can stand to waste your time, the entire 57 page doc reveals other troubling details.
But now what is this:

Winning the Oil Endgame A plan (332 pages long) to follow detailed and packaged in 2005 or should be known as a Liberal Handbook for Profiteering. More lunacy than should be permitted in one place.

After examining both “books“, ask yourself… Is there an agenda, or several, being forced upon the American citizenry at the greatest cost to the American citizenry?

Hat tip to CFHeather on Twitter