Glenn Beck’s Divisive Moment – Why Would You Do This?

…This is a sad day… Just listen to both clips from today… I don’t see my Tea Party representative leadership there because there is none… there is no one who represents me or my vote. To trash one TEA Party organization while uplifting others due to one member’s behavior doesn’t cut it, unless they all were corrupt (not unlike our current government’s administration… eh?). To chastise Amy after she was off the phone was chicken. I expect better from those who want to unite Patriots not cause a fight…

Glenn Beck-07/30/10-E

captianusa | July 30, 2010

Glenn Beck-07/30/10-F

captianusa | July 30, 2010

I might point out that this has already become fodder for the Loony Left. I don’t think this was intentional, but I think it’s time to get back to basics. Is it time to unite or has it become time to pick a fight within the conservative movement? There are critical issues for our country these days and times and this moment is sad! This is not a popularity contest and Patriots are not becoming wealthy! Sorry Glenn, you did offend!



18 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Divisive Moment – Why Would You Do This?

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  2. I would not take it so dramatically. He’s just a guy like any of us and he is allowed to have his own opinion.

    Overall, Beck has been one fantastic resource and so incredibly helpful on 98% of everything he says and does. It is impossible for him to please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

    Give the guy a break every once in awhile. Okay?

    • But to be fair and equitable, he has to understand that what he has preached all week and then smacks everyone in the face with the #5 on the blackboard… can be nullified very quickly as we’re trying to overcome throughout the country. I commend him when he does it right, and he does a lot more right than he does wrong. Sometimes we all need a review that isn’t apple polished. I take the heat when I deserve it too. Thanks for stopping by you Patriot you 🙂

  3. I think He is just so afraid of being around people that would reduce his credibility. I think his point was that the Tea Party can’t afford that either. You can’t have people saying things like that and you need to make sure you don’t have people like that in your organization. Concentrate on your core issues only and you can keep moving forward.

    • It would be all well and good just to let it be a “free pass” for Glenn like Charlie Rangel appears to be getting. But in a position of power that Glenn wields, to speak from a pulpit to the masses, he diminished all that he preached last week about moving past #5. He stepped on it, kicked it, and booted the entire organization to the side.

      • Comparing Rangel breaking the law to Glenn beck having opinion? I dont think that is a fair assessment, or a good representative of a fair pass.

        Although this is the perfect situation to teach the whole “Question with Boldness” point.

      • Glenn, encouraged with boldness, detraction of Amy Kremer and Tea Party Express. To ignore that fact would be a free pass. Boldness swings both ways, it can reveal truth, or reveal fault. He was wrong, and I know at this point, he is well aware of it. If he had meant to do a show trouncing Tea Party Express, he should have announced it as the the title.

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  6. JadedByPolitics

    Glenn Beck is trying to be “mainstream” he wants to be seen as “brilliant” and not with any particular Party. He is becoming more and more insufferable. He is suffering that which afflicts ALL who hang around the NY to DC corridor for too long and that is called the Political Class! He needs to do what Rush did and that is GET OUT of the City!

    He blew up and he will flame out just as quickly!

  7. impeah obama for treason and being an illeagle alian from africa,he can’t do it can he. we need to rid this vermin from this country.GOD BLESS THE USA

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