Why Would the Governor of Wyoming Feel the Need to Parcel Grand Teton Nat’l Park?

I am starting a project tonight after reading about the bogus movement of stimulus money/jobs away from Ohio, via another Democrat (Gov. Strickland), and headed to El Salvador. That is truly one moronic governor, and sad to note he’s taking away from my birth state. Where is his head?

Well anyway, I thought that it was high time to check other asinine state adventures on the Stimulus “We Won the Lottery, Big Bonuses Across the Board, Party!” Spending. I thought everyone always starts at the beginning of the list and so I headed to the back end and will begin with Wyoming

Lo and behold, we have another dimwitted Democrat, Governor David D. Freudenthal, who claims he needs to sell parcels of the Grand Teton National Park, WHY?

By your own Wyoming stimulus watch/report page you are receiving, along with three other states, the lion’s share of stimulus funding  – Your own News and Notices page.

Wyoming Awarded $600 Million in Federal Stimulus on June 26, 2010.

Then, when we saunter over to the Stimulus Watch for Wyoming we find:

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Wyoming is $476,719,982.05

Which of course, like every project, and soon to be each and every state, that I have looked into on the Stimulus Watch, Jack and $hit is getting done.

And then we let our fingers waltz over to Recovery.gov and find that maybe of the $589,030,000 that doesn’t match the “…cost of all the projects submitted by Wyoming…” and displays a $113 million buffer has not been fully spent. If any records anywhere make sense, and this one should because it is government owned and operated (rolling my eyes) and a whopping 1293 jobs have been created well, well, well… and you have received $217,850,000…. hmm? Where is the MONEY?

What’s Wyoming’s state motto again… “Equal Rights”, not likely!

Americans don’t need no stinking Grand Teton National Park!



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