What the Military Doesn’t Need to Know Per Army Col. Denise R. Lind

Pure Patriot LTC Terry Lakin Receives A Radical Military Directive From Judge?

What the Military Doesn’t Need to Know Per Army Col. Denise R. Lind via Judge to Lakin: Find another defense on WND.

Even Cadets – ROTC knows a complete Chain of Command from their position, it does not stop at the Pentagon:

Cadet Chain of Command
Science Hill High School

President-The Honorable Barack Hussein Obama II

Secretary of Defense- The Honorable Dr. Robert Gates

Secretary of the Army- The Honorable John McHugh

United States Army Chief of Staff- General George W. Casey Jr.

TRADOC Commander- General Martin E. Dempsey

Cadet Command Commander- Major General Arthur M. Bartell

Eastern Region ROTC Commander- Colonel Roy C. Waggoner

7th Brigade Commander- Colonel Renee T. Finnegan

Sergeant Major of the Army- Sergeant Major Kenneth O. Preston

TRADOC Command Sergeant Major- Command Sergeant Major David M. Bruner

Cadet Command Command Sergeant Major- CSM Hershel L. Turner

Eastern Region ROTC Command Sergeant Major- CSM Charles Green

7th Brigade Sergeant Major- SGM Marion Fawbush

Senior Army Instructor- Colonel Michael Johnson

Army Instructor- Sergeant First Class John Rosselot

Battalion Commander- C/LTC Jonathan Shackelford

XO- C/Maj Lisa Carter

CSM- C/CSM Samuel Kehs

Alpha Company CO- C/2Lt William Forney

Bravo Company CO- C/2Lt Adam Perry

S-1- C/2Lt Brandon Ramsey

S-2- C/Cpt Michael Ponder

S-3- C/Maj Meghan Wonofsky

S-4- C/2Lt Josh Wilson

S-5- C/2Lt Brittany Adams

Where is Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire?


8 responses to “What the Military Doesn’t Need to Know Per Army Col. Denise R. Lind

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  2. Denise R. Lind – traitor. She should be executed under the USMJ after we the people take this country back.

  3. Lind should be impeached from the bench. Since she’s not a civilian, hopefully someday her gutless dereliction in this matter will lead to HER court-martial. Then Leavenworth.

    Lakin, on the other hand, will be remembered by history as the true patriot that he is.

    This is not just about a birth certificate. It is about the most severe crime in the history of the Presidency. BHO admits that his father was a joint Kenyan/British subject; by definition, this means that Barry CAN NOT be a “natural born citizen” as defined by law (the child of two native-born parents) in order to be POTUS. Additionally, he “gave up” any U.S. citizenship (which he may not have had anyway) when he was adopted by Soetoro and officially (as recorded) received Indonesian citizenship. Obunghole is a joint Kenyan/British/Indonesian citizen. This is FACT. He holds his office illegally, and is more than apparent that he’s seeking to do as much damage as possibly to our national stability–in EVERY area–because he knows his time is running out.

    Let us not forget that his right-wing, white-supremacist, black-hating, tea-partying, conspiracy-nut Birther GRANDMOTHER, a KENYAN of AFRICAN DESCENT, stated PUBLICLY THAT HE WAS BORN IN KENYA. Crazy old racist bat, right? Says she was “in the room when he was born,” and she’s “so proud to see a Kenyan as President of the United States.” Yep, RECORDED. She SAID IT.

    Just a LIAR, right? Proud of her grandson? No, of course not. She just wants to join the birther/tea-party right-wing-extremist racist crowd, right?

    Time for all the DOLTS out there to WAKE THE HELL UP. IMPEACH THE BASTARD.

  4. The country does not need a military judged that is predudiced against the constitutuion. She is either ignorant of the law, black or a communist sympathieser. Either way she needs to be removed from the bench and sent back to Kenya with the COMMUNST obama.

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