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Karl Rove, You Are Not Helping, You Are Hurting Your Own Reputation

The people in Delaware have spoken… Karl, are you a resident of Delaware?

Karl Rove on Sean Hannity, Discussing Christine O’Donnell and 2010 Election

TWSblog | September 14, 2010

So you opinion amounts to jack at this moment. Sorry Karl you are wrong!


What is Up With the Planet Green TV Channel and Muslims?

Tonight on TV Here

It appears pushing GREEN on America just isn’t enough for Planet Green TV! What does “Muslims and America” have to do with GREENING of the Earth? Is it because it’s a recycled rerun? Doubtful!

The only potential GREENING, that I see, is to the lining of someone’s pockets! Things that may you go, hmm?

Now I really begin to wonder about recent events, like “Gunman Shot and Killed After Hostage Standoff at Discovery Channel Building“, since the Discovery Channel owns this channel too! hmm?

Who is pushing, this radical agenda and onslaught, on a day in and day out basis about Muslims?

Well, it ain’t George W. Bush!