Be Careful What You Dish For as AARP Learns the Hard Way

What’s this? AARP Raises Insurance Costs for Employees!

But AARP insisted… last year….

AARP Health Action Now Ambulance Ad – Ration Care

AARPVideoArchive | August 07, 2009

AARP Health Action Now Ambulance Ad – Ration Care

But AARP insisted… earlier this year….

AARP Responds to Health Reform Bill: “It’s a Good Thing”

ForaTv | March 29, 2010

Complete video at:…

A. Barry Rand, the CEO of AARP, weighs in on the healthcare reform bill. While Rand calls the bill “a good thing” and applauds it for trimming the deficit, he maintains that the bill is not “as much as we (older people) all want.”


Rising healthcare costs are leading to financial insecurity and putting the futures of many older Americans at risk. Rand, CEO of AARP, discusses healthcare issues (including Medicare) and their impact on financial security in light of the new realities that are both defining and changing the nature of living in the 21st century.

He highlights the implications this has for leaders in business and nonprofit organizations, for policy makers (state and federal) and for individuals. – Commonwealth Club of California

Barry Rand is the CEO of AARP, a membership organization of over 40 million people age 50 and older, half of whom remain actively employed.

Prior to joining AARP, Mr. Rand distinguished himself as a leader of social change in some of our nation’s largest corporate and educational institutions. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Howard University and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Group Holdings, CEO of Equitant Ltd., and Executive Vice President for Worldwide Operations at Xerox Corporation.

Mr. Rand continues to serve on a number of boards and advisory committees. He holds a B.A. from American University and an MBA from Stanford University where he was also a Sloan Executive Fellow.

And this is why I despise AARP and will never join its cult! It was an enabler of the Obamacare nightmare! Do you see it now! AARP tried to sucker punch the members and the American Public. “We the People” knew better and when AARP was confronted this example reveals the tooled agenda~

AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care – Dallas, August 4, 2009

vvanshel | August 05, 2009

AARP isn’t comfortable listening to its members, but pretends to represent their interests

AARP wanted to brainwash and raise their own rates. It was always… ‘All About the Money’! I guarantee they are not done yet, next the membership will go up and benefits will be cut back. Do you see it now?


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