Enemy Combatants or the Enemy Within?


Seriously, Who is the Real Enemy of the American People?

Is it the “Politicians Who Own Stakes in Airport Scanner Companies“?

Could it be “The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet“?

Maybe it is the “Red Democrats File 1 – Lynn Woolsey Sponsored Communist Party Event” sitting in our U.S. Congress?

Do we have a “loose cannon” in the Secretary of State as “Clinton Told US Diplomats to Spy at UN“?

Is it an Usurper-Supporting Supreme Court of the United States, as provided via A Statement from CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) about the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al.

Is it the Usurper aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama and his minions or his “Daddy Warbucks” aka George Soros?

Could it be the Lame Stream Media’s Yellow Journolists and Yellow Journalists?

Tip: the answer is YES to all of the above as it is the enemy within these United States of America!


7 responses to “Enemy Combatants or the Enemy Within?

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  2. Who is the Real Enemy of the American People? The greedy ReThuglican Gang.

  3. I have the same issues as you do, we’re just on different sides. Are you in therapy?
    Looks good in print, but not flyin’ dude.

    • Who needs therapy? You get up and start wailing on my blog. As I stated before “You have way too many issues that only you and your doctor should address.” Get out there, move on, get a life or is Winton Way so boring?

  4. I didnt get up and start wailing on your blog, as you put it. WP has a “Track My Comments section (you should know that) and I check mine every few days. Checked to day and see you have had a lot to say to ME in the last few days. And it didnt take you 5 mind to repond. Who’s waling on who?

    God you are so stupid. I wont address the Winton Way comment. I dont live there and never been there except to pick somebody up idiot. and whats the dayum point anyway?

    And I wouldnt tell you where I live anyway. But trust me its not small ass Atwater. You seem to know alot about it. Is that where YOU are?

    • When did you get out? By the way, I have linked this everywhere & that’s where your track backs are coming from, not visits from me. But you keep plucking away at the keyboard to uplift yourself. The truth is blatantly clear and continually confirms your lunacy.

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