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New Year’s Eve – Out With the Old.. Instill the New… Congress Adhering to U.S. Constitution


They really thought they could hoodwink America! Is there any coincidence that they finally achieved any type of power during a decade of 00’s in a new millennium with a Zero Hero and funded by $oro$?

Alinsky tactics work on weak minds… Leftistlators (Legislators on the left) bought into it! Unions bought into it! The MSM bought into it and then disparages anything good, true, and Patriotic… in fact some don’t even understand the U.S. Constitution! Get that foolish Liberal tool a hardbound edition dictionary, unless that is too antiquated.

When is a document, literature, art, maps, engravings, etc… too hard to understand or outdated? What about the Magna Carta, Pliny the Elder’s Writings, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Mark Twain’s Writings, the Hieroglyphics on the Pyramids, Darwin’s Origin of the Species, the Torah, Edgar Allen Poe’s Writings, the Quran, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Aristotle’s Teachings, Ansel Adams Photographs, every decedent’s Will,  Shakespeare’s Writings, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Iliad, Audubon’s Bird Sketches, Sigmund Freud,  Moby Dick, Charles Dickens Writings, and the Gutenberg Bible? Honestly… what about all that twisted Alinsky, Marx, Mao & Che… Liberals? If the U.S. Constitution has not pertained or has been misunderstood, then why has it constantly gone through amendments? Why are there any jobs held and titled “Constitutional Attorneys”? Is there an expiration date on history? No… there just appears to be no patriotic caretakers, and for quite some time now!

It is so refreshing to see that our U.S. Constitution will be honored, revered, and restored to its proper position of National importance and reverence. It will once again be used as the eternal tool of Americans as our Founding Fathers have profoundly provided and via a Patriotic (yet continually watched) installed U.S. Congress within the U.S. House of Representatives, . Outstanding, is the word I would choose to address the fact – that the newest members of the Congressional body will be taught, the U.S. Constitutional fundamentals and more, by highly credentialed and thoroughly respected teachers.





Patriots Are Aware and Unafraid!

We know the score, we understand how the deck is stacked, and we know that the markers are being hustled around the world. We have our groups and confidants all over the country and step by step we will return the United States of America to her pristine condition. You have not squashed the spirit of patriots nor squelched the voices of patriots in any way. We will never give up this land of freedom, willingly, and we are ever vigilant.

It has been another dismal year with the Bogus POS POTUS in charge of minimal minion worms. Obama has been viewed largely as a self serving talking head that can not be left alone to his own thoughts or without a teleprompter. He has angered many leaders abroad and has been placed on ignore by others. His rock star status that was advertised endlessly and foolishly by the MSM has turned into sands in the wind. His inexcusable ability to degrade the United States has been viewed by the world stage as he embarrasses himself, day in and day out. World leaders have not only refused to shake his hand, but even refuse to take his calls. All that “Hope & Change” has agitated the rest of the world and diminished what little respect that had remained in his most ardent supporters as they eventually end up under the Obama bus. The MSM will never recover from the deception they foisted upon America and their all fabled Bozo’s clock is winding down to his normal Zero status. He will never be re-elected to a second term and his cronies will never have a hell’s chance for the White House. Is this what Liberals were hoping for?

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

TEA Party On!

This administration’s years will be forever known for The Price and Fail of the Leftistlators!

Socialism Begins for Kyrgyzstan’s New Government – New World Order Test Dummy?

Did you know that yesterdayPutin Blesses Kyrgyzstan’s New Government“. Did anyone see this coming?

And this bit of low ball pricing, on a hot commodity, is revealed in this same article:

…The move could result in a 25 percent reduction of gasoline prices at the pump, and trickle down support throughout the ailing Kyrgyz economy…

And the USA’s gasoline  is predicted to go up? hmm?

And they are portioning out food dollars to the tune of $ 6 million via the U.N.’s WFP Spends $6 Million in 2010, Supporting Kyrgyzstan Markets and Buying Food.

And the US Embassies supply presents of computers? hmm?

Interesting if you notice a progression of singular common events worldwide the result end game appears to be repeating itself. Citizens enslaved and a few elitists throwing scraps at them! Wake Up America! It’s knocking at the door, and the Bogus POTUS is ushering it in!

Is this what you are waiting for? It happened to Kyrgyzstan!

Oil Scam Sham: It’s All About the Dollars and Destruction!

If Azerbaijan to supply oil to US, in a round about cycle, and the deal is on the table and set… then why would we see $5 a Gallon Gas on Way, Ex-Big Oil Exec Says. This is not our only source for oil. We also import from Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iraq, Angola, Algeria, Colombia, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Kuwait, Gabon, and the United Kingdom.

And guess what our job crashing Bogus POTUS did to improve his apologetic appearances upon the world. He knuckled down and put a moratorium upon oil extraction for the USA! He doesn’t appear to consult experts in oil, just money brokers.

CongressmanGT | December 09, 2010 | 1 likes, 1 dislikes

Thompson decries moratorium on oil and gas drilling on portions of the outer continental Shelf.

Now the International Business Times appears to have what the correct plan, should be, outlined via “Increasing U.S. oil production can jump-start the economy: AEI“.  But, don’t hold your breath waiting for the Bogus POS POTUS to get interested in job creation! His words have  just become a meaningless overused campaigning CON-ment to appeal to the masses with respect to any new or renewed jobs. Creation has never fit into his agenda  as he continues to strip this country into destruction! It’s does not take a rocket scientist to understand that operating companies that are making money for goods or services are paying employees to man them. A non-working company has no employees with pay! Any formerly employed person is resting on Unemployment, Food Stamps, and Free Medical Care and becomes a slug and/or a drain upon the finances of this nation and all working Americans. TA-DA! Simple economics that even a Bogus POTUS can comprehend.

Because the elites are squeezing every coin they can from everyone and everywhere that they can, we are well on our way… Third World Status here we come and we will be paying them to do it! Remember the elites win when they bet… on the markets and upon the backs of the Global Citizenry!

Can We All Say OVERKILL and Taxpayer Dollars Spent to Excess?

Just look at the excesses in security personnel during…

Christmas Eve at the Obama’s in Hawaii

gravityhawaii | December 28, 2010 |

Nothing disappears forever!

Notice the inconvenient truth! The residents near the Obozo Christmas encroachment are inconvenienced to the nth degree and notice that the woman had declared after search that the scanners/security personnel either did not register or ignored the fact that she had a knife on her person? hmm? Those TSA scanners are probably a whiz too!

Obama’s Communion, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Islam?

Inquiring minds want to know… was this a Catholic service… or was this a “do his own thing” Christian service at The Base Chapel? It was one or the other!

Obamas’ military base Christmas was an “In Your Face” moment to all!

“…Marines in Hawaii got a day after Christmas gift, a surprise visit from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama…”

I bet the Marines were sooooooooooooo excited to muster on the Sunday after Christmas, where they would still be on holiday schedule!!!

Was this to counter or to aggravate the Somali Islamist leader threatens to attack U.S. if Obama doesn’t ’embrace Islam’? Or was this a classical Trojan Horse moment and an overt signal to the Islamic masses via Taqiyya and Kitman?


“…Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.  The two forms are:

Taqiyya Saying something that isn’t true.

KitmanLying by omission…”

On a side note: Owning a Kennedy dog does not make you a Catholic and/or a Christian by proxy.

Where Are the Global Warming Flim Flam Meanies Today?

Crickets… as the eastern seaboard is under assault by Mother Nature’s snowfall… off in tropical paradises, celebrating the Christmas Holiday season, that they will apologize later for…

Delaware 12/26/10

Virginia Beach, VA 12/26/10

Lumberton, NC 12/26/10

Atlanta, GA 12/25/2010

A handy site to look at before your power or facilities go out is Blizzard Emergency Preparation. I’m thinking, New England, it is well past time to review before you are under siege.

Feeling Small?

Mr. Gore