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Bye Bye Blackbirds in Arkansas

Arkansas’s 2010 went out with a murder of crows aka blackbirds!

1,000 black birds fall from sky in Beebe, Arkansas, I would guess this was a harbinger of some magnitude. From the sheer quantity of carcasses it does not bode well!


Starting Anew – January Endeavor – Arkansas Rally: “WE VOTE”

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends of the TEA Party in Arkansas

Gathering together in the

Rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol

Little Rock, Arkansas

9:30 am – 12:00pm

Welcoming our Elected and their Families to our State Capitol

Mark your calendars

We Vote!  Rally Time: January 10, 2011 from 9:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Arkansas State Capitol
Organized By: TEA Party’s across Arkansas 

Event Description:
We Vote! Rally at The Arkansas State Capitol, opening day for the Arkansas State Legislature, we will join with other Tea Party members from across the state to welcome the State legislature and to remind them that, we are watching and that “We Vote” 

Be sure to wear your TEA Party T Shirts. Bring Banners and signs..

It’s never too late… to be a Patriot! It’s a New Year and a Patriot View!

It’s 1/1/11 Somewhere – Happy New Year’s Day

Next fun dates this year will be on 11/1/11 and then on 11/11/11

By the way, not displaying New York City, it looks like a police action or military test action? hmm?