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Dead Blackbirds Numbers Increased to 2,000 in Beebe, Arkansas

And there are more questions than answers!

Personally in my area, the bird numbers seem drastically reduced today, and I am a good 58 miles from Beebe. I went into one of our local stores this very afternoon. A few of us talked about the episode in Beebe and I was told  that a red winged black bird was found dead, on the porch of one of the cashier’s homes, not far away. It does not appear that Beebe is an isolated event as Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River!


365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy – This Year’s #1 Book?

The Conservative’s guide to agitating the Liberal Thugs may be 2011’s upcoming number one book on the New York Times Best Seller List365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy“.

Product Details

ISBN13: 9781596986428
ISBN: 1596986425

James Delingpole’s latest edition, and addition to the Conservative Patriotic Base, is a hoot and due out in just two days. I read a couple of entries and nearly fell off my chair laughing. Absolute Conservative truth is funnier than all the Liberal fiction they can muster. Thank-you James, I can’t wait to savor the entire book!