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A Patriot Speaks Her Mind

My co-host expresses what Patriotic Americans really feel when it comes to dissing the U.S. Constitution. Don’t mind the somewhat politically incorrect verbiage, I think she meant it that way!

“…I have mixed thoughts on this. They range from outrage to sadness and outrage.
Is this a game?
The left has lost it’s mind and the right is feeding the fury.
…Our Constitution is second in importance, only to the Holy Bible. Or Tora or even Koran for some.
I don’t care what Lib loses it’s mind. I don’t care which progressive has a snit,
Our Constitution is not only our founding document, but our continuing governing document.
Anyone who has a problem with adhering is free to leave.
That includes all the congress who dare defy the document they swore to uphold, and any celebrity who thinks there is something wrong with the American people who refuse to buy into your sick interpretation.

As a matter of fact I would like for them all to take a hike to whatever rat hole,.. third world,… “progressive” country you are trying to turn United States of America into.

Back off our Constitution.
No,… you will not be allowed to disgrace, manipulate, or erase this document from our society, …nor will we allow you to deny our children their Patriotism and love of our country’s sovereignty.

Leave our flag and our children alone.
You are dismissed and you are not locked in.
See Ya!…”

I second this and anyone with any guts will third, fourth & fifth it… Anyone with a problem see above comments.^


Wal-Mart MDL Settlement Claim Checks Are In the Mail

Received my check today:

Keep Your Eyes Open For a Nondescript White Envelope

This was confirmed by checking status on Wal-Mart MDL Settlement Website:

…Settlement payments to approved claimants were mailed on December 30, 2010…

The U.S. House of Representatives Reads the U.S. Constitution – Unity!

Very smart, Speaker of the House John Boehner! Not one Representative can ever state that they didn’t know or recognize the law of the land.

Members of Congress Read the U.S. Constitution, Preamble and Article

PBSNewsHour | January 06, 2011 |

On the second day of the new Congress, members of the U.S. House of Representatives read the Constitution aloud on the House Floor. Members take turns reading the preamble and sections from Article I.

Although one twit, Rep. Jay Inslee, prior to the reading, wanted an additional 15 minutes of fame by being a petulant nuisance to the entire body by whining specifics. Or was he just being another blatant liberal tool right out of the gate?

The USGS National Wildlife Health Center Slack Chart

You Just Can't Make Up Dereliction Like This

What happened to the counts for the last two Quarterly Mortality Reports for last year at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center? I know there were events. Geesh, not even 2011 has been entered in the year format! What a bunch of slackers! One would tend to think that there would be a phenomenal amount of information coming in over the last few days that someone should be entering. It would more than likely assist in any investigations!

Who’s running this country? Oh, that’s right, a Bogus POS POTUS, right into the ground… just like the poor birds, fish, and more!