Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

Greg Howard Guests on Liberty Underground The Moretti Report

Greg Howard alerted all Americans today of the deceptions/omissions/lack of any real investigative effort by the Lame Stream Media’s account of the Tucson Tragedy and related stories. Unfortunately these are the times of the worst state controlled news sourcing in USA history.

However, with Greg’s latest entry “Who Exactly Is James Eric Fuller?” on his well visited website, Americans and the world can absolutely see that the “journalists” of old are outdated and under informed in research techniques and capabilities.

Greg also gave a smart and timely overview of the financial health of America today to the many listeners on Blog Talk Radio’s Liberty Underground The Moretti Report that can replayed here:

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Inflamation Takes on a Whole New Meaning with Self-Immolation

I wonder if the lunatic left would be so kind as to favor us with self-immolation in the USA? Historically it has proven to be very effective. And the best part… it hurts, maims, and murders no one else. The lunatic left want to protest, just to protest, and get attention… here’s the latest opportunity for you on the world stage:

Self-immolation reports spread through north Africa article via CNN.  Take a look at the doctors in the picture. They are thoroughly disgusted standing firm with crossed arms to remind themselves not to verse their true opinion. Then look at the photo op sympathizers, coincidentally standing on the left in the photo, with the hands low in despair.

I’d say it’s just a good cleansing of the poor gene pool.