Who In Tucson Remembers Possible Associations Between Fuller and Loughner?

The purposeful performances and appearances, of James Eric Fuller now aka Prince Eric Fuller as discovered by Greg Howard, were numerous just prior to Gabrielle Gifford’s speech and after the tragedy. What are the chances that a group of people who numbered approximately 100 or so at the Tucson Tragedy included both Jared Lee Loughner arriving and where James Eric Fuller was in attendance?

Questions or Coincidences:

Does anyone find it odd that they lived a 1/2 mile from each other?
Does anyone find it odd that Fuller has several aliases and a name change?


Does anyone find it odd that the bag was found, the day before Fuller attempted to “forgive” the Loughner parents at their home, by a mystery person?
Does anyone find it odd that Fuller, very much ambulatory, returned to Safeway, went to the Fuller home, went to the TEA Party event all after being shot in a non-life threatening manner?
Does anyone find it odd that Fuller had attention drawn to himself arguing with another man just before the event started, like an arrival/placement timeline validation?
Does anyone find it odd that Fuller joined an unusual site, that he confesses he has no experience in, and a few days after the Tucson Tragedy and suddenly his account has been frozen?

Ariz. shooting victim arrested, taken to hospital hmm, but what is he really saying?

It really appears to be forced and contrived, like he was trying to “…use extraordinary persuasive charisma to interest blase, apathetic, oblivious…” in his very own words. Questions and connections remain and will continue to be researched.

Just for good measure… where is the 35mm camera of Loughner’s?

Updated 1:49pm 1.18.11 to clarify the clampdown on the site, who ordered it or was it just a matter of fact solution by the site owner?


6 responses to “Who In Tucson Remembers Possible Associations Between Fuller and Loughner?

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  3. Most of that list, I do not find odd at all, especially when more information can be added.

    What date did he join the Hypnosis site? My understanding is it was more than a full year prior to Loughner’s Safeway murders, in January of 2010.

    It is not odd at all that his account would be frozen with regard to comments; I believe the blog administrator welcomed the traffic/eye-views; it is, after all, an opportunity to expose others to the content of the site and maybe spread some interest in the site and the topic. However, moderating comments or allowing unrestricted comments would probably devolve into blog mayhem. I’ve been in a situation where comments got out of hand – this situation would be worse because all the comments would be off-topic to the focus of the site, focused instead on political news or conflicts, and likely full of sweariness and insults. Freezing comments on his page nips that right in the bud, and I don’t blame the administrator who runs the site for doing it.

    The bag of Loughner’s was not discovered by a “mystery person”, exactly. Authorities know who he is, and the public has a general description – a kid walking his dog (near a wash that was a likely spot for Loughner to drop his things.) It’s likely common knowledge in the neighborhood at this point.

    Fuller’s claimed stop off to “forgive” the Loughner parents does not seem connectable in any way to that event, though in and of itself it’s an odd thing to claim or do. It’s a little off the beam, grandiose/designed to gain attention. It even seems a little like bad manners, a selfish thing to do, which the obviously mentally troubled or personality disordered Fuller would see otherwise because of his tact deficit.

    The history of his attendance at the event IS odd.

    The fight (I’d like to hear from the marine he was fighting with) may just have been a kooky fly off the handle zealot doing what kooky zealots do. That said, ‘distraction’ did pop into my head, the first time I heard of it. I wonder if he was worrisome enough to draw attention away from Loughner’s approach. That could have been inadvertant but still had an impact on the success of Loughner’s attack.

    I found his post-shooting statement that he was “there to protect Gifford” smacked of the kind of overstatement a person in denial or concealing a truth will use, something along the lines of the Ramachandran stroke patient who had agnosognosia about her paralysis in one hand. (When asked if she had successfully tied her shoes that day, she responded “yes, I tied my shoes with BOTH my hands”) He wasn’t there to see her and support her, he was there to PROTECT her. This could be a little self-aggrandizement after the fact, a little puffery that might be a feature of his grandiose tendencies. He might even HAD a grandiose idea that his protection was necessary.
    It is possible to view it, and my intuition told me to view it, as instead a kind of denial.

    One reason I think so is because he was opposed to much of Gifford’s platform. He is not shy about rebuking democrats who don’t share his progressive views perfectly – one of his thornking posts is to Katie Couric’s blog, and he chastises her sharply for supporting the war in Afghanistan.
    I find it doubtful that his presence there was related to his perfect support off Giffords – he might even been there to question or criticize her for not being pure enough, etc.

    The judge I believe was not expected there…was a drop-by, but I’m not certain on that point. It is true that Fuller would have found him objectionable, but is there any evidence that he knew the judge was or would be there?

    The part of Fuller’s attendence at the rally I would like to know much more about, is his wounding. He says he hit the ground, then walked and drove himself away. He later appeared at the ER. Context that supports real wounds include a report he had a 2-day stay in the hospital. Did he have a procedure to remove bullet fragments? A dressing of a graze wound? The former I could see leading to a stay…he might also have been held for other reasons.

    I would like to know FOR CERTAIN that he did not manage to inflict a wound upon himself, for example, video showing him visibly bleeding or favoring a wounded leg in real time at the event.

    I feel bad for the suspicion, but the reason I have it is his attention-grabbing and grandiose behavior, including some other statements after the fact.

    He did say that the shooting made him realize he is destined to “save the world someday”. In context of his graphic torture wish and “you’re dead” announcement, the “save the world” becomes more than just some odd grandiosity, but scary, because he has revealed how he wants the world saved and it isn’t through a miracle hailstorm of puppies and rainbows.

    • I know that you really care as you have written on the Megan Meier issue. Realize though that odd maintains the pattern of this entire event. I did err on the page building of the site, however, who ordered the clamp down on the site, hours after his screeching threat. It was extremely late when I gathered my info. I shall correct that faux pas.

  4. Should note that Fuller’s next door neighbor has seen his bullet wounds. So,

    • I stated nothing more than he was “ambulatory” and that “being shot in a non-life threatening manner”. Doesn’t that seem quite a coincidence? The most decent judge is dead, the famous representative has endured critical injuries, little Christina is dead among others… and he yet takes a “bullet” to the knee & a piece of shrapnel in his back? Let’s not even hazard a guess why he was not transported by ambulance.

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