Daily Archives: January 31, 2011

To Michele and Sarah…

Love Karma 🙂

Proof positive that Chris Matthews is a mouthpiece who needs the words fed to him…

Chris Matthews sans working teleprompter initiates the Panama Canal in Egypt gaffe!

What’s most enjoyable is the fact that Chris Matthews’ job description is one that is paid to speak, that’s it, and he failed miserably again. And yet another regressive progressive failure upon America, as there is no truth in the Lame Stream Media.


The Tell Tale Signs

During all the riots, demonstrations, upheavals initiated by the Left Leaning Liberal Lunatics within the USA or instigated outside of the USA, have you noticed an oddity?

Those events where protests occur overseas, the majority of participants carry signs in English, not Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, or even their native tongue. Why would that be?

Then notice too, that immediately after an overseas demonstration event begins, coincidentally or, as if on queue, there appear like-minded militant participants, carrying uniformly issued signage, imitating riotous behaviors, here in the United States of America as a sign of support/solidarity? in all major cities? referencing democracy? hmm? Again… Why would that be?

This has been a consistent pattern since the Bogus POS POTUS usurped the White House. Would there be any tell tale signs of a connection? Inquiring minds want to know and will begin detailing soon, but a good start is Muckety and taking screen captures:

The Ti(d)es that bind are strangling the entire Planet purposefully!