When You Can’t Get a Real Job, Become a Community Organizer…

… for a Socialist Group or Union. Thug everyone around you until you have all the dirt that hurts… then pay plenty of lawyers millions of dollars to protect your own a$$. Now who has set this example to the T?


Ah yes… the Bogus POS POTUS?  He probably could organize (but one can ever know for sure since there are no copious Bogus POS POTUS records) but he definitely can’t lead jack or $hit.

You did your time new minions…  you have squeaked by and graduated from an IB college or high school. Now what? You come to grasp with clenched radical fists, the socialistic brainwashing, that you were taught right here in America, as instructed by the laws of Switzerland?!? Finally you realize that only the very best applicants who are qualified, get superior jobs. All others including IB bloomers, become radicalized activists with a warmongering attitude, as they can’t think or rationalize for themselves. Continually angry at the whole world for the poor choices they made, they lash out as directed.

So you take that job where everyone’s equal. Equally stupid because you paid how much money for your education and graduation certificate? Nobody gets fired and some don’t even work (but get paid), and that is fair for one and all? Then… then…  you get to go on special paid pre-arranged tours to beat the stuffing out of your fellow-American at Patriotic events. Some scream profanities and inflammatory rhetoric as directed by union leaders or community organization leaders who squander your union dues and/or tax dollars for their own benefit.

And you wonder why America despises Unions and Socialist Organizations?


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