The Ugly Stain of Code Pink

Code Pink or Code PINKO aka Women Without A Mate or A Life!

You appeal to no man in his right mind. You can’t put lipstick on a pinko pig and take it out on the town. It is still a pinko pig!

The paid for ugliness and hate you spew globally, will not stain real Patriotic American Woman, but will only sully your very own feeble organization of hags

Code Pink in Egypt & Misc. Raw Video

secularstupidest | February 02, 2011

Why is Code Pink supporting the protesters? What is their common cause?

So… as an organization, you are un-American… and participate in foreign riots as instigatorswho would have guessed! It’s not like your long time filthy affiliations are unknown to the American People, or that you have been tooled by/for the Bogus POS POTUS.

Code Pink participants are two mammary glands shy of being a real red-blooded Patriotic American Woman.


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