How About Some Good Old Fashioned American Competency in Washington DC 2012 or Sooner?

The current Bogus POS POTUS and his entire bogus administration is a dismal failure…

I now believe it is designed to be exactly what we see. All those criminals in one place were never czar’d on for an engineering and rebuilding process within the United States of America. Restoration, has never been the aspiration, by the usurping criminals. World dominance and financial meltdown has been their “cow bell” and they continue to ring it. Time is running out, the gig is up, and an election is less than 2 years away… the criminals know it, “We the People” know it, and the entire world knows the deception that has been foisted upon all. What is true is that criminals are stupid and ALWAYS get caught. They are scrambling and rambling all over the world. Their defeat will be oh so sweet!

There is no longer American exceptionalism, dominance or superiority viewed on the world stage. The international community laughs at the high jinx and outright ignorance of this administration. How embarrassing that the children of today, see the shaming of America, by a cheap usurpation.Those incompetent criminals in DC show no talents and in fact display nothing but shades of operating Red Light Green Light decision-making…

otherwise known as CYA. They have nickeled, dimed, and trillion dollared the American People to death, purposefully. Is there not 1 Hero in America, that will step forward and arrest those worthless fools, seize any and all of the fraudulently amassed financial assets, and move the monies back into the public coffers? The nightmare continues and the mistakes are growing more dangerous!


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