The Way It Works In America!

The United States of America has, what we, Americans, call a Constitution. It is called the United States Constitution. Learn It!

It was written by Americans for Americans and for no one else. It will not be modified by anyone else for anyone else!

The U.S. Constitution has all the laws required to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America. It is an individual document that requires no assistance, from any other regional religious/law system that hasn’t even matured past the barbaric stone age.

If you arrive on the shores of the United States be prepared to accept the requirements of our laws, they are not open to new arrivals’ interpretations. We have lived here, done that… you don’t like it.. leave! Freedom works both ways… you are free to join via legal immigration routes and you are quite free to leave. If you follow some archaic law from elsewhere to commit a “cultural” crime and claim high law… wrong! The penalty can be quite long and/or severe. America has American culture!

The laws are working for “We the People” via the TEA Party

supporting Patriots, our cleaner U.S. Congress, and an extremely wary yet informed country right now. Obamacare is doggedly becoming dismantled and negated by a majority of the states, with Constitutional backed decisions via the courts and defunding initiated through the states, themselves, and the U.S. House of Representatives through the legislative process. The laws work decidedly well, even as the revelation that there is a Bogus POTUS in the American Peoples’ White House. The usurpation continues to unfold across the world stage and the pace is at breakneck speed. Embarrassing facts emerge daily about this cheap shot upon America and all of the buffoonery surrounding the Chicago thugs but “We the People” continue to support the Constitutional processes. The system of checks and balances is not yet healed, but in 2012 or sooner, the Patriotic Will of the AMERICAN people, will be realized. God Bless America! Patriots Well Done! TEA Party On!


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