Wisconsin You Have Legislators Who Walk Off the Job… Fire ‘Em!

In Madison, Wisconsin, you have Left Leaning Lunatic Liberal Socialist Democrats that are holding your state legislature and citizenry hostage. If you don’t hold these tools accountable after this tirade, then you will go broke. They walked off the job, ignored the Wisconsin Constitution and the People’s Will… they are catering to Unions, and Unions (not exclusively Wisconsin Unions either!) only per guidance from the Bogus POTUS. Great connection Gateway Pundit!

Keep throwing all your tax dollars to the Unions and let your elderly die destitute. That’s what you are aiming for. Have you seen one union ever protest for the elderly who have had their Social Security checks cut just this past month and they were given less than 30 days notice?

And a head’s up… It is time for one of the Republicans to turn to Democrat so that the legislation can go forth as It will only take one that way now. The Democrats want to be children, the state needs to ignore them and proceed in a grownup fashion then sue them for walking off the job, receiving pay, as this may be considered theft of services.


5 responses to “Wisconsin You Have Legislators Who Walk Off the Job… Fire ‘Em!

  1. I would have to agree totally. I hate to see what would happen if I went to work and then left because I did not like what I had to do. I would get my ass thrown out pretty quick. These jokers are supposed to be working for us. What can be done as disciplinary action against them. I need to know or do they just get a slap on the hand and go about their business as if they did nothing wrong.

  2. The Democrats lost so they are going to pout. They didn’t get their way so they won’t do their job. I guess this sets a tread. Whoever loses walks off the job and leave and only one party in the Capitol.

    It should be illegal for them to do what they are doing.

    They are sore losers. I say grow up. Fight back and maybe you can win the next election. I doubt it. But you can try.

    • Absolutely, they are setting an example of ridiculousness that can only be ridiculed. What did they really think, that taxpayers who pay their salaries would feel bad for them? Geesh, the Democrats are the party of No & if I don’t get my way, I run away.

  3. As a government employee, if I didn’t do my job, I’d be fired.
    If I walked off, that would be ‘job abandonment’ and I’d have no job to return to. (You &) I pay their wages to do specific things for us, like balance the budget.
    These people did NOT do their jobs. They walked away from their jobs. Pay should cease. Job should cease. Benefits should cease.There is no excuse. It’s a violation of the public trust.
    Borrowing a line from Trump:

    “MY” taxdollars, won’t feed you, put a roof over your head, put cash in your wallet, a retirement on the books, buy you a Mercedes or 12 mansions.

    Get the hell off MY ‘tax dollar paid for land’ and dont come back!
    You walked off without performing the jobs you were hired to do.
    No benefits packages belong to you! You DESERVE NOTHING FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
    You quit, so now you are fired and now the budget is already better!

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