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Wisconsin Governor Has the Power to Replace the Vacant Democratic Legislators

Wisconsin Constitution

Page 48

The Democratic Legislators have vacated their posts and moved to another state, there is no question that the governor is well within his rights to call an election. God speed Wisconsin!


Dirty Dog Democrats Attempt to Overthrow Wisconsin Government Processes

So the Dirty Dog Democrats supported by the Bogus POTUS Administration and his dirty double dealing organizations (Unions) and minions (operatives) continue to surge into Wisconsin…

What a bunch of tools and fools!

Some of the tools run and hide, some use children, some use slanderous signs and some scream psychotically.

Public Union Parasites Protest in Madison, Wisconsin

xxxxxxxpimptaddyone | February 17, 2011

Unions are parasites

Unions have long since out lived their usefulness in this country. Now they are just a parasite on America’s economy. They drive business out of country, and they steal money from the workers in the form of dues. They only use and contribute nothing to productivity, and corruption still runs rampant in them just like the day of your father and grandfather. Scott has the right idea, deal with them with iron fist. The public sector unions are destroying our great state of Wisconsin. In the private sector they dying a slow death, in form less members, as they should.

Totally an embarrassment upon this nation! Wisconsin should change its motto from “Forward” to “Retro” because the Democratic legislators appear to be experiencing a second childhood at all levels of government.