Ohio Buckeyes Aren’t Feeling It, The Unions Are Passe!

My native Buckeyes, your fellow “Ohio” union trolls in Columbus appear childish and out of touch. Unions don’t put food on the table of all Ohio residents, they don’t fill your football stadiums, and they won’t even move until they get their way. Unions are nationally directed roving thugs, they are passe, and a blight upon this great nation. A couple of snippets from this past week in Ohio:

I’d tend to believe all of the teachers are not on board by viewing this video.

In fact the nimrod Dems have to you-tube instructions for Union goons to hand make signs. Follow der Leader! And Canton… drop Fisher… find a nice conservative candidate to support. You’ll be glad you did!

And a filthy union troll in the great Ohio Statehouse spewing trash talk, btw he doesn’t appear to be an Ohio native son. When company comes to my house, I don’t allow talk like that, he’d be out the door on his ear.


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