A Patriot’s Past Weekend Trip To Madison Wisconsin in All its Gory!

C & M, our eyes on the ground, at the State Capitol in Wisconsin this past weekend as reported today & a h/t to Frank:

This trip was informative! Found no friendlies!

The protesters caught the “GOLDEN GOOSE”, cleaned the goose, cooked the goose, than ate the goose! There is nothing left! They drank all the beer too!

Enjoy the photos. The last one is best!

Minion slobs

Overpaid Whiners

MTI losers on parade & at the rear... priceless

Culture... more like lack of class

Should say busted... for the Sheboygan litterer

What no donuts to perk them up?

Duh... that which stinks in Wisconsin is on his own head!

It has become quite apparent that there is no pride in performance or appearance by the buffoon goon squads that are union minions in Madison Wisconsin. How can one’s self-esteem disappear… join a union! You can’t hide from that lack of pride! Artificial desperation doesn’t denote patriotism, it sports the Socialism Tag!


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