Shooting the Moon Over the Shores of Tripoli

Did de facto president Valerie Jarrett advise the Bogus POTUS to shoot for the moon and engage in war with Libya? Who is running this show at home in the United States of America or anywhere abroad across this planet?

So is the SuperMoon some alternative high sign read by the sinister Shadow Government to make another bold move to enslave the masses?

Why suddenly, after years and years, does the Middle East require a combination cleansing and enforced, sanctioned and encouraged governmental structure turnovers by the USA’s slum tenant – the United Nations?

Now… so that the United States doesn’t look like a loose cannon or lone wolf, it’s working in the pack formation at the rear and as a follower. What is wrong with our military br-ass (no typo), they must know that “US leads ‘Odyssey Dawn’ initial attack on Libya“?  The br-ass (still no typo) listens to a Bogus POTUS who takes orders from a de facto POTUS via a World Governing Body? Where is the real United States of America and where is THE TRUTH?

But one can surmise that this is yet residual and continual terror induced retribution upon Libya for Pan Am Flight 103, the misguided release of that plane’s bomber, and the knowledge that Gaddafi has of the current world leaders? Or is just about oil and money?

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