UPDATE: Even Through Dirty Liberal Dealings Obamacare Fails in Arkansas State Committee

TEA Party Email Notification in Arkansas
Sent: Fri, Mar 25, 2011 1:17 pm
Subject: HB2138 FAILED

Friends of the TEA Party

Update: 4:36 pm

Sent: Fri, Mar 25, 2011 4:17 pm
Subject: HB2138 & SB880

The Dem’s just won’t quit on Obama/OBeebe Health Care bills. They have rescheduled both bills for Monday.
HB2138 will be in Room 249 at 10:00 AM
SB880  will be in Room 272 at 11:00 AM
We need to contact these Representatives and ask them to vote NO HB2138 on Monday.

Insurance & Commerce Committee  MembersEmail                                               Phone 

FredAllen99@comcast.net 501-225-4979    D

allen.kerr@arkansashouse.org,       501-225-3170    R

woods.arkansas@gmail.com,          479-200-3100    R

buddy.lovell@arkansashouse.org 870-358-3444    D

bryan.king@arkansashouse.org,    870-438-4565    R

bhyde@hydco.com,                      501-371-0255, ext.102  Djword@aaasea.org,                       870-543-6391     D 

les.carnine@arkansashouse.org,   479-636-2619     R

terry.rice@arkansashouse.org,      479-637-4420     R

jonathan.barnett@arkansashouse.org,  479-524-6254,  479-524-9440    R

kmingram@aol.com,                     870-735-9580,   870-735-8001       D

hank.wilkins@arkansashouse.org,   870-536-6366,   870-535-4488     D

marshall.wright@arkansashouse.org,  870-633-3141,  870-630-2033    D

mkbiv@cablelynx.com,              501-268-1115,    501-230-5751      R

wrenappraisals@centurytel.net,      870-613-7585           D

John.Catlett@arkansashouse.org,   870-613-7585      D

rkm_72360@yahoo.com,          870-295-3208       D

bwforarkansas@hughes.net,       501-321-2276,   501625-7304    R

jeff@jeffwardlaw.com 870-226-9501,  870-463-2224      D


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