Hippy, Dippy and Skippy Pay Lip Service at WH Briefing While Japan Sizzles and WNFM Fizzles

The US has become a national headquarters for Loser Leadership as Hippy, Dippy, and Skippy pay lip service to the Yellow Journalists at a White House briefing today ~

As usual nothing to see or learn there…

Trying to Control a Fear Factor Message on Radiation

and Backpedaling for Obogus on Energy Plans?

Chu passed quickly right over references to Japan’s radiation calamity, relaying no current information, and did not bring WNFM’s 38th Annual Meeting in Seville and Attendee List to the attention of the journalists… hmm? I wonder why not? I mean we always seem to know about OPEC’s meetings,  so why are we not informed of the World Nuclear Fuel Market meetings?


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