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One Big Laughing Stock – The Liberal Love Fest at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Mr. Donald Trump was not amused, nor was most of America!


Foray Into Political Bumper Stickers

My Turn~

How Did Nancy Pelosi Vet Obama Without a Birth Certificate?

If Obama had shown Pelosi his birth certificate, and as she was Speaker of the House 3rd in the line of succession, she would have known that he was ineligible. He never was, nor could he ever have been a Natural Born Citizen!

Did she take a version of this line from Obama regarding his birth certificate and embrace it for her own? Did she ‘Pass the Vetting‘ so we could find what was in him?

As a ‘Constitutional Lawyer‘ he knew exactly what was occurring and Pelosi, negligently or purposefully perpetrated fraud upon this nation. But they were not the lone conspirators and…. Treason is afoot. Arrest the traitors!

NOTE: The Forged ‘Birth Certificate’ Was Just Produced! How do you explain this?

All of America Knows That The Newly Revealed Obama Birth Certificate is Fake

Isn’t it interesting, America, that the two entities that can not breach any confidences about the newly offered forged Obama Birth Certificate, are the deceptively secretive Hawaii Health Department and a legal team. Also note that the certificate was personally picked up and not mailed via the US Post Office by a member of said legal team. Was there a chain of custody? Since when is the U.S. Postal System, with so many secure forms of delivery, not exceptional enough to handle a delivery to the White House? Was someone so concerned as to the complicity of potential mail fraud if the US Postal Service was used and/or that it could be legally searched in transit by postal employees?

Birth Certificate Correspondence

What is interesting is that the widow of the alleged birth doctor works for the state of Hawaii’s legislature!

Another interesting detail to be found is an article dated March 27, 2011 showing “…Ms. Loretta Fuddy, Acting Director of the Hawaii Department of Health…”. Fuddy replaced interim Acting Director Keith R. Ridley who replaced Director Chiyome Fukino, M.D. whose position ended on Dec. 6, 2010. hmm? Where and when did Ridley go? Questionwhy so many directors in so few months?

What was it that initiated the mad acquisition of a birth certificate for Obama? Was it Donald Trump? Is it the two independent court cases next week? Is it the upcoming release of Terry Lakin? Is there a pressure upon America that her citizens are not aware of? Has the United State been continually blackmailed and tax dollar resources used as massive payoffs to protect the Usurper? Inquiring minds have the right to ask and receive the truth! The mastery of the people, IS the people! We the People!

This certainly explains the rush job on the forgery that has been submitted for world view, the switch that had to be made, and the poor quality that has easily been debunked as a genuine document. Criminals always make mistakes.

How Obama Birth Certificate Forgers Made Mistakes

If you go with what has been provided as legitimate documents, just notice the spelling of the word ‘THE‘ in the first stamped ‘certification‘ statement with the most recent ‘certification’ version spelled ‘TXE‘.

They got too wrapped up in the body of the certificate itself, as sloppy as that is with flying a’s and K’s and more, to notice that they neglected the spelling on the certification stamp.

Reporters and Bloggers are only as accurate as the information supplied via the White House.

Now who will authenticate this ‘document’?

Obama the Liar

There is still no reality to the ‘released‘ Obama birth certificate.

WND link to released document

It is not notarized or authenticated! Where is the raised state seal? The statement at the base mentioning abstract is not consistent with a long form birth certificate filed. It’s just the latest in created changes in Hawaii to circumvent true documentation and this is a huge problem. Abstract can mean as defined by the dictionary

ab·stract (b-strkt, bstrkt)
1. Considered apart from concrete existence: an abstract concept.
2. Not applied or practical; theoretical. See Synonyms at theoretical.
3. Difficult to understand; abstruse: abstract philosophical problems.
4. Thought of or stated without reference to a specific instance: abstract words like truth and justice.
5. Impersonal, as in attitude or views.
6. Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation: abstract painting and sculpture.
n. (bstrkt)
1. A statement summarizing the important points of a text.
2. Something abstract.
tr.v. (b-strkt) ab·stract·ed, ab·stract·ing, ab·stracts
1. To take away; remove.
2. To remove without permission; filch.
3. To consider (a quality, for example) without reference to a particular example or object.
4. (bstrkt) To summarize; epitomize.
5. To create artistic abstractions of (something else, such as a concrete object or another style): “The Bauhaus Functionalists were . . . busy unornamenting and abstracting modern architecture, painting and design” (John Barth).

Why is it not in negative relief like the Nordyke Twins birth certificatesThe Nordyke Twins were born AFTER Barack Obama but have Birth Certificate Numbers issued BEFORE his number!

Why was Congress notified on April 3, 2009 how to answer questions related to Obama’s birth certificate by the missive below

Why did Kapiolani Medical Center pull the Obama letter?

Now if the original supplied certificate from 2008 was authentic and true…

… why would the Obama ‘scheme’ team release another document? hmm?

Why does the birth certificate once again state “African” for race? There are White Africans, Black Africans and more. Africa is a continent, country or nationality not a race. If you go with what has been provided, he was a British citizen at birth and not a U.S. Constitutionally required Natural Born Citizen to hold the office of President. Where is our military? A validated Usurper is sitting in the White House!

Delta Smelt Part 2 is the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

Notice that last year’s land takeover or control effort was the Delta Smelt in California’s Central Valley.

This year’s cause celebre is the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard aka Sand Dunes Lizard.

How childish this administration is! How long has oil production occurred in Texas? Was it about the same amount of time as farming in the California Central Valley? Years and years as I recall. It looks like the Faux administration in DC just loves to create issues to create havoc. They set up a skewed set of statistics to garner sympathy and support. It has become a ridiculous agenda.

Patriots remember all that you have witnessed during this deliberate attack on America since the Usurper began his bogus administration lineup. Vote smart in 2012 and be ready to serve as jurors when trial after trial for treason begins.

Mike Conaway Speaks on the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Controversy

Uploaded by mywesttexas on Apr 26, 2011

Congressman Mike Conaway (R-Tex.) shares his views on the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard oil controversy. Conaway and many others believe if U.S. Fish & Wildlife places the lizard on its endangered species list, the ramifications may halt or severely hinder the West Texas petroleum and ranching industries.

Recorded April 26, 2011 at a Permian Basin Petroleum Association rally against the listing at the Midland Center in downtown Midland, Texas.

The important question that should always be asked is what purpose or what progress upon Earth does the Delta Smelt or Dunes Sagebrush Lizard serve. Food? Medicinal? Employment? Financial? Security? Recreational? Opportunity? Warmth? Shelter? Oxygen? Water? If the answer is None of the Above, and it is, then the administration is up to its usual chicanery. Don’t buy into it!